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    Soul To Keep - Roll On (10ML)

    Long Lasting Summer Perfumes - More Than 40 Fragrances

    Summer perfumes are usually light and fresh with certain notes which perform well in hot weather. The best perfumes for summer are mostly citrusy, floral or fresh since these notes are refreshing and can make a person feel rejuvenated and energetic. People often make the mistake of using the same scent in every weather. This can only be a wise choice in the case that the perfume is suitable for all weathers. However, if it is an autumn perfume, it should not be used as a summer scent because it will neither smell as good nor will it last very long. Summer perfumes are specifically designed to match the feel of the weather. A dark and heavy scent will be cloying for the wearer. In contrast, fresh, fruity and floral notes will not only make a long lasting summer perfume but will also smell its optimum in the summers. The Scents’n Stories website is extremely user friendly and its filters can help you find the best collection of summer perfumes within seconds.

    Summer fragrances are known to not last very long because of the notes they are made of. Since Scents’n Stories makes high concentration perfumes, our summer perfumes tend to last longer than the regular ones. Since perfumes tend to evaporate faster in hot weather, we also have roll-ons for every perfume which customers can use to renew their scent throughout the day! This will make the already long lasting summer perfume last even longer! While having a long lasting summer perfume is a priority, what is great about these perfumes is that their sillage or projection is already great. The notes used in these perfumes diffuse very well in the air and reach people around you faster. This is a great way to impress everyone around you without putting in too much effort.

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