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Zarf is a captivating fragrance for both men and women, boasting a unique composition of mineral, warm spicy, leather, oud, ozonic, woody, citrus, fruity, aquatic, and herbal accords. With its extraordinary blend, Zarf is a signature fragrance that offers a truly distinctive and otherworldly olfactory experience. Perfectly suited for all occasions, this scent leaves a lasting impression, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an extraordinary and intoxicating fragrance.

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Zarf opens with intriguing mineral notes, creating a captivating and enigmatic aura. The scent then unfolds into a warm, spicy embrace, featuring saffron and a hint of suede, exuding both complexity and balance. As it evolves, Zarf reveals the alluring presence of leather, accompanied by the rich and captivating essence of oud. Violet leaf and immortelle bring a touch of elegance, while Italian Mandarin and Chinese Osmanthus infuse the composition with a refreshing and fruity twist. The resulting aroma is a seamless fusion of complexities, offering a smooth and balanced fragrance that is sure to captivate the senses.

Wearing Zarf will envelop you in an extraordinary olfactory journey, exuding an air of sophistication and allure. Its long-lasting nature ensures the scent stays with you, while its complexity and unique character make it a signature fragrance material. Zarf is an ideal choice for all occasions, allowing you to stand out with its complex and intriguing aroma. Whether it's daytime or evening, Zarf complements any season, from the crispness of winter to the blossoming of spring, the warmth of summer, and the richness of fall.




We offer this perfume in one format:

Perfume Spray: Our 50ml spray bottle is sturdy, sober and easy to use. It is made with EDP concentration so that it lasts longer.

Perfume Spray - Concentration: 35%
(Eau De Parfum)

Sillage & Lasting:

Sillage: Strong

Lasting upto: 12 hours (measured in standard atmosphere)


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