Gold Membership

We are pleased to announce the first and one of its kind Gold Membership for our fragrance e-store.

Perks of our Gold Membership:

- Free shipping on return and exchange items
- Free shipping on a promo code
- Free samples of our upcoming perfumes
- Other exciting freebies

That's a lot of FREEs! 😅

Membership Criteria:

In order to avail Gold membership, you must have spent more than Rs.15000 on our store, and have ordered at least twice.

When you accomplish the challenge, you will be automatically notified of becoming a Gold Member of Scents N Stories within few days.

How to avail benefits:

1. Just mention you are a Gold member at the time of replacement our team will verify it.
2. Your 11-digit phone number will be your unique ID which you can use as a code.

*The company holds the right to discontinue the membership at any time.
If you have any further queries, simply email us at


Fair Usage Policy Applicable

Upto 3 returns and exchanges allowed within 6 months
Samples for newly launched perfumes will be sent along with the next order

Looking forward to serving you,
Team Scents N Stories