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Consumer Association of Pakistan recognized Scents N Stories in the 17th Consumer Choice Awards

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High Concentration Perfumes

We Set Our Concentrations As High As Possible To Ensure Maximum Performance Of The Perfumes

OUR Retail Outlets

In 2021, we took our first steps to expand e-commerce into the realm of traditional retail, and now we have opened several perfume studios in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan and other cities. We warmly welcome our customers to visit our studios and personally experience our range of scents.

From our customers


I love a scent that can make memories come aliveWaooo !!! what an amazing perfume with a premium packaging delivered gift by Scents N Stories.

Maryam Asad

Just received my parcel today and this is the best impression I've ever smelt. Projection and lasting is out of this world.

Ali Muhammad

Really impressed with their fragrance (Amber Oud), people who prefer Attar should try it. Such a vibrant and strong smell of Oud.

Sohaib Tariq
Amber Oud

I ordered Merry me and Florse and the fragrances were amazing. Worth buying scents.❀️

Tehrim Syed
Merry Me/Florse

Highly recommended! Why to waste money on so expensive perfumes when on can get it such reasonable prices.

Ayesha Shahjehan
Heavenly Vibes

I am a big big fragrance enthusiast. And I have shopped from them the MOST. ALL of their scents are simply LOVE. They have become my go to place for the scents and I'm extremely happy with the quality. ❀️

Aghna Fatima
Living Floral

100+ Designer Fragrances To Choose From

Scents N Stories is the first online perfume store selling designer fragrances in Pakistan. We sell high quality perfumes inspired by top-rated designer fragrances. We have the biggest variety of branded perfumes in Pakistan as compared to any other local fragrance shop. The purpose of having a large variety of scents is that we have a collection which takes care of everyone's needs. People of every age and gender can find perfumes suited for every occasion and setting as per their preference. Whether you want to go to the office or a party, we have a number ofΒ scents for you to choose from for every time of the day. Branded perfumes in Pakistan have become too expensive because of the exchange rate.

At Scents N Stories, we sell high concentration perfumes at affordable prices. We are able to sell a large collection of perfumes at low costs by having standard packaging and spending less on advertisements. Most of our costs go into the juice of the perfume instead of the packaging and marketing. This enables us to give high value to our customers for their money. The quality of ourΒ scents is at par with the designer fragrances everyone loves! Despite having a large variety of designer fragrances, we give as much details as possible about every perfume in our collection. This is to help the customers make an informed choice.

Most designer fragrances in Pakistan are sold without giving any concrete knowledge about the perfume itself. If the customers do not like the smell of the perfume, our easy-return policy facilitates them. They can return a perfume within 15 days. The easy-to-use filters at the Scents n Stories website make it extremely easy for the customer to buy the perfect designer fragrances which suit their personality. Customers can filter their preferences according to gender, genre, type, season, brand, projection, lasting and notes. Buying designer fragrances in Pakistan has never been this easy!

Download the app, place your order, and have it delivered right to your doorstep that very same day.

*Applicable Only to Karachi and Lahore Residents

Download the app, place your order, and have it delivered right to your doorstep that very same day.

*Applicable Only to Karachi and Lahore Residents

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