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    Better Atmosphere Better Life | Air Freshener For You

    Atmosphere makes all the difference! A good atmosphere will have a positive impact on your mood and a bad atmosphere will make one’s already good mood go bad. One of the most impactful elements in an atmosphere is the scent. If a space smells good you’ll automatically feel pleasant. Aromatherapy is a method whereby one uplifts their mental and physical health using certain aromas. We have introduced air fresheners for this purpose. Make your home or office space smell sublime with our essential oil diffusers. These oil diffusers will disperse the natural oils you put into them, into the air making the environment all the more pleasant. Using certain oils in the oil diffusers will not only freshen up the room but it will also affect the mood and health of the individuals interacting with that atmosphere positively. Aromatherapy also plays a major role in relieving stress and anxiety.
    Our Oil Diffuser has a capacity of 500 ML and can be used for upto 3 hours in a go. It comes with an adjustable led light for an aesthetically pleasing look – you can put it anywhere, in your home or office. It also has a water splash proof design. Just like rooms, cars also need to smell great. Given the traffic and pollution in recent times, it is already a hassle to travel by car. A person tends to get mentally stressed out. Our car air freshener – Floral Blitz – is designed to make you feel great during your car rides. This air freshener has a lovely floral smell that’ll give your car the fragrance of a blossoming garden. Travel alone or with family, this car air freshener is bound to add to the pleasantness of your time in the car. Scents’n Stories is committed to improving your lifestyle by creating high quality products which you can use for a better stress-free life.
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