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    55 products
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    The Magical World of Perfume for Women at Scents n Stories

    Perfume isn't just a nice smell, it's a tool to express a woman’s personality. At Scents n Stories, we have a truly gorgeous range of perfumes for women just like you.

    Find out the best perfume for women that makes you feel supremely confident and wonderful every day of the week.

    Which is the Best Perfumes for Women

    Here are the top 5 perfumes for women:

    1. Florse

    2. Merry me

    3. Love Letters

    4. Lost Light

    5. Night Love

    Families of Perfumes for Women: Find Your Perfect Match

    Just like a garden full of flowers, or a basket of juicy fruits – that's the world of women's perfumes!

    Here are some popular types to explore:

    • Floral: Smells like fresh flowers, like roses, jasmine, or lilies. Perfect for feeling sweet and feminine.

    • Fruity: Like a burst of summer with scents like peaches, berries, or citrus fruits. Fun and fresh for everyday wear.

    • Spicy: Warm and mysterious with hints of cinnamon, vanilla, or even pepper. Great for special occasions or a touch of intrigue.

    • Woody: Earthy and elegant, with notes of sandalwood or musk. Sophisticated and long-lasting.

    Tips to Choose the Best Perfume for Women

    Finding the right perfume is like finding the perfect outfit – it should make you feel great!

    Here are some tips:

    • Think about You: Do you like bold and exciting scents, or something gentler? Choose a perfume that reflects your personality.

    • Day or Night?: Lighter scents are good for daytime, while richer ones work well for evenings.

    Designer-Inspired Scents, Budget-Friendly Prices

    We understand that everybody wants to buy designer perfumes but don’t have enough budget to afford them!

    At Scent n Stories we try our best to deliver you fragrances similar to the famous perfume brands for women at affordable prices, including:

    • Channel: Classic and elegant, perfect for feeling confident and put-together. 

    • Dior: French chic with a modern twist. These perfumes are both beautiful and exciting.

    • Versace: Bold and glamorous, for the woman who wants to make a statement.

    • Many More!: We have a wide variety of fragrances of lady's perfume brands to explore, so you're sure to find something you love.

    Discover the designer perfumes our fragrances are inspired by.

    Which Perfume is Best for Females in Pakistan?

    Here are the perfume families females in Pakistan like the most

    Perfume Family

    Key Notes

    Best For

    Oriental Floral

    Patchouli, Orange, Rose

    Special occasions, evening wear

    Woody Oriental

    Oudh, Amber, Spices

    Traditional events, cooler weather


    Tuberose, Jasmine, Rangoon Creeper

    Feminine, everyday wear

    Fruity Floral

    Pomegranate, Lotus, Peony

    Fresh, youthful, summery

    Citrus Aromatic

    Lemon, Green Apple, Cedarwood

    Casual, warm weather


    Which Pakistani Brand of Perfume is Best for Women?

    Scent n Stories is a growing and the best brand perfume in Pakistan. Due to its reasonable price and long lasting fragrance, the demand for its perfumes is continuously increasing!

    Discover Your New Favorite Perfume for Women in Pakistan

    Scents n Stories is here to get the bottle of perfume you want. We have a fragrance suitable for every woman.

    Feel confident and happy by discovering our branded perfumes for women online – the one that reflects your best self.

    Also, we have special offers, and quizzes all the time, so don't miss them!

    Through Scent n Stories, find the best branded perfume for women in Pakistan for you!

    Premium Branded Perfumes For Women - In Your Reach!

    Looking for branded perfumes for women? You’re in the right place! Scents’n Stories has a large variety of women’s fragrances and one can find multiple fragrances which can suit every personality type. We have filters on our website which can make it very easy for the customers to look for their desired fragrance. Scents N Stories has inspirations of branded perfumes for women which are at par with the quality of the original. We focus on the juice of the perfume more than the packaging. This enables us to keep our costs low. Localization of the manufacturing process has also made it easier to keep the prices of our fragrances nominal. We, thus, deliver great value at amazing prices. Only the wise ones know that they are getting premium quality women’s fragrances at extremely affordable prices. The top perfumes for women come in various types and combinations of notes including citrus, floral, fruity, green, oriental spicy, sweet and woody.

    Scents N Stories has made it very easy for its customers to buy branded perfumes for women online since we have a 15-day easy return policy. Customers can return the perfumes within 15 days if they are not satisfied with the women’s fragrances they ordered. Customers can also make a request if they want us to add an impression of a particular branded perfume they like in our collection. At Scents’n Stories not only will you find the best ladies perfumes in Pakistan but you will also find our customer service to be the absolute best. This is because we make sure that every customer of ours is dealt with lovingly. We try to exceed the expectations of our customers by being faithful to them. Alongside ordering online, our customers can also visit our perfume studio in Karachi and Lahore to experience our premium fragrances in person. Buying branded perfumes for women has never been this easy!

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