Best Sweet Perfumes

Best Sweet Perfumes

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    23 products
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    Explore Our Summer Sweet Perfume Collection

    Welcome to a world of sweetness and joy with our tempting sweet summer scents. Scents N Stories' sweet perfumes are designed to capture the spirit of summer. Our perfumes are with a symphony of notes that stimulate the senses and leave an indelible memory.

    Each perfume for women and men is a work of art, meticulously crafted to evoke the joy and warmth of the season. Our selection caters to various tastes and occasions. We offer a variety of sweet flavors such as fruity, gourmand, or flowery.

    Our perfumes range from citrus to vanilla and exotic flowers. We invite you to enjoy life's sweetness and create cherished memories with our collection.

    Allow the sweet scents of summer to inspire and uplift you. As you indulge in the enchantment of delicious perfumes that capture the spirit of this colorful season.

    Experience the Core of Sweet Summer With Our Sweet Perfumes

    Our best sweet perfume transports you to a world of brightness and delight. Immerse yourself in smells that evoke the carefree mood of summer days and beautiful evenings.

    Our scents, from tropical fruity delights to flowery fantasy, bring the romance of summer to life.

    Navigate Summer's Palette with Sweet Perfume Filters

    Take a customized tour with our assortment of the best fruity perfumes for girls and boys.

    Discover how to refine your search using our simple filtering system by selecting scents, sillage/projection, duration, notes about the fragrance, gender, debut date, genre (French or Arabic), time (Event/Night), season (Summer), and kind (Citrus, Floral, Fruity, Green, Oriental, Spicy, Sweet).

    Experience Luxury in Each Bottle

    Enjoy the luxury of sweet summer perfumes with our assortment of scents. Each aroma enhances your experience and creates a lasting impact.

    Whether you like the tropical appeal of coconut, the enticing sweetness of vanilla, or the refreshing zest of citrus. Our summer fragrances are designed to amaze and captivate.

    Select Your Favorite Form

    You can select the version of our sweet perfumes that best fits your lifestyle from spray-on and roll-on options. You can experience the same wonderful aroma and quality whether you choose the portability of a roll-on or the convenience of a spray bottle.

    Savor Summer's Symphony of Sweet Scents

    Immerse yourself in the perfect combination of sweet perfume notes that define summer. Enjoy the juiciness of berries, the freshness of citrus, and the delicacy of flower bouquets.

    Our pleasant summer smells provide a wide range of fragrance sensations to fit every mood.

    What Are The Best Perfumes? 

    Some of the best-selling perfumes are:

    • Spellbound

    • Tobacco Vanille

    • Voce Viva

    • Catch 22 By Scent N Stories

    • Wood Sage & Sea Salt

    • Viva la Juicy

    • Daisy Love Eau is So Sweet

    • Living Floral By Scent N Stories

    • Huda Beauty Kayali Vanillla

    • Sweet Like Candy

    • Sugarful

    • Romantic Coffee By Scent N Stories

    Dazzle Your Senses With Summer Sweet Perfume Notes

    Find a fragrance that suits your personality and style, whether you want a signature perfume for everyday wear or a special event.

    • Fruity Delights: Experience the richness of summer with luscious notes of berries, peach, raspberry, and mango.

    • Flower Fantasies: It transports you to blossoming gardens with delicate flower notes of jasmine, rose, lily, and orchid.

    • Tropical Allure: Capture the exotic beauty of summer with aromas laced with coconut, pineapple, and passionfruit.

    • Sweet Vanilla: Enjoy the soothing warmth of vanilla, which adds a creamy and decadent touch to summer perfumes.

    • Citrus Freshness: Feel energized by citrus notes such as bergamot, orange, lemon, and grapefruit.


    Q.1: What are sweet perfumes called?

    Gourmand sweet fragrances are created to smell like food or dessert, with rich, decadent aromas ranging from chocolate to vanilla.

    Q.2: What has the sweetest smell?

    Vanilla has the sweetest smell.

    Q.3: What is sweet scent perfume?

    Sweet perfume notes are distinguished by more strong and richer heart notes, which are frequently regarded as seductive.

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