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Air Freshener (350ml)

Air Freshener (350ml)

A breeze of fresh air

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Introducing our latest innovation: Air Fresheners that redefine freshness. With captivating scents and long-lasting fragrances, our products promise to elevate your ambiance effortlessly. Experience the essence of luxury in every spray.

Romantic Coffee

Romantic Coffee, the air freshener, fills the air with the magic of the bliss of coffee, and romantic undertones take you to the streets of Paris. Bring home an immersive combination of accords that reveal your true essence.

Romantic Coffee is a perfect blend of top notes of apple, cassis, nutmeg, bergamot, and mandarin orange. While the middle notes reveal a heartwarming combination of sandalwood, jasmine, and Virginia cedar. The base notes like coffee and sugar, combined with creamy vanilla, comfort the surroundings.

Romantic Coffee captures the delight of a cozy coffee date with a bitter and warm fragrance yet adding sweetness into the air with its creamy vanilla touch. This air freshener is ideal for any place in summer and spring.

Saiful Malook

Saiful Malook is nature’s bliss, enclosed in a bottle of air freshener. Imagine being surrounded by the world’s mesmerising lakes and rivers; that’s exactly how a room filled with Saif Ul Malook fragrance feels like.

Saiful Malook is a refreshing composition of top notes like mint, green nuances, lavender, and rosemary. Later, it reveals middle notes like jasmine, neroli, and sandalwood. The base notes like cedarwood, amber, and tobacco add a strong hint to the fragrance.

Saiful Malook increases the vitality and rejuvenated vibes of the room, making it ideal for places like offices, living rooms, and hotels. This air freshener is an all-rounder hence, it works well regardless of whether it is day, night, summer, or winter.


Zarf lets you indulge yourself in a refreshing olfactory experience by surrounding the ambiance with rich and elegant fragrance notes. This air freshener brings nature’s finest aromas into your home, office, car, and anywhere you want.

It is a brilliant combination of ozonic notes, complemented by the grounding essence of woody tones. Moreover, citrus and fruity accents add a burst of vibrancy, while aquatic undertones and herbal accords create a refreshing breeze.

Zarf is a pure delight to the air it is floating in. Hence, its complex yet captivating composition of notes makes it a perfect choice for any season, be it boiling summer, blooming spring, or freezing winter, and be it day or night. Zarf never disappoints.


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