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    48 products

    Long Lasting Perfumes - Smell Great All Day Long!

    Long lasting perfumes are the top priority of most perfume buyers. In fact, some people consider it to be the only metric by which to judge the performance of a perfume. This is because a long lasting scent is convenient because people do not have to go through the hassle of renewing their perfume time and again. Long lasting perfumes for men are some of our best-selling fragrances. Being outdoors all day with a busy schedule rarely gives one time to renew their perfume. Commonly, heavy notes are used to formulate long lasting perfumes for men, for example, oud and vanilla. Our most long lasting perfumes for men can have a lasting of upto 24 hours – that means an entire day or more. Since Scents N Stories makes high concentrated perfumes, that automatically makes our perfumes more long lasting. We also make long lasting perfumes for women. Perfumes for women usually have lighter notes like citrus or floral. These notes have a great projection but poor lasting.

    At Scents N Stories, we have made an effort to keep long lasting perfumes for women. Even our fruity and floral notes are very long lasting as compared to other perfume brands. Long lasting perfumes for women are best suited for an outdoor lifestyle, winters, and for those who love the smell of a good perfume to seep through the fibers of their clothes and stay there for as long as possible. While long lasting perfumes are a great blessing, Scents N Stories also has roll-ons of all our perfumes. This is pocket friendly and highly concentrated and can be used to renew your perfume throughout the day. The world’s most long lasting perfumes are also the most expensive ones. At Scents’n Stories we make the same quality of perfumes at extremely affordable prices. Getting long lasting perfumes at affordable prices has never been this easy.

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