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    80 products
    Catch 22 Perfume Wax
    Catch 22 Perfume Wax
    A Premium Fragrance Wax
    Saiful Malook Perfume Wax
    Saiful Malook Perfume Wax
    A Premium Fragrance Wax
    Oud War Perfume Wax
    Oud War Perfume Wax
    A Premium Fragrance Wax

    Premium Branded Perfumes For Men - In Your Reach!

    Scents N Stories has a vast collection of branded perfumes for men. Be it any type of perfume you’ll most likely find it on our website! Our men’s fragrances come in various combinations of notes and genres. Additionally, you can filter perfumes according to your desired sillage and projection. You can also find a variety of perfumes for different times of the day and seasons. Our easy-to-use filters will make you land on the best fragrances for men. Our collection is made in such a way that it becomes easy for a person of every age and personality to find something for themselves. Branded perfumes for men are difficult to find in Pakistan and are extremely expensive. Scents’n Stories sells high-quality men’s fragrances for a very affordable price. We do this by having standard packaging and low-cost advertising. Localizing our production also enables us to keep our prices low. Wise customers know that they get a very high value for a nominal price at Scents N Stories.

    You can buy men’s fragrances in two different forms – spray-on and roll-on. Both have the same scent and quality. The customers can buy whichever one they find most convenient for themselves. The benefit of having roll-ons is that it is pocket-friendly and one can keep renewing their fragrance throughout the day. Not only do we have a wide variety of branded perfumes for men but we also have a wide range for women as well. We now have car air fresheners as well. The key to buying branded perfumes for men is to first know what you like. Focusing on the notes of the scent and your priorities in a scent will enable you to get the best fit for yourself. Our website is structured in such a manner so as to find the top perfumes for men in the easiest way possible.

    Impress the Crowd! Find the Best Perfume for Men in Pakistan

    Finding the perfect men's perfume is a journey of self-discovery. It's more than just smelling good; it's about expressing your personality, boosting your confidence, and making an unforgettable impression.

    We are here to help you find the world's best perfume for men in Pakistan and the one that truly speaks to you. Also explore our guide, on how to choose perfume for men.

    What are the Top 5 Selling Perfumes for Men?

    Here is the list of 5 best branded perfumes for men;

    1. Catch 22 Gold
    2. Farat
    3. Rabt
    4. Smash My Head
    5. The Legend

    The Symphony of Scents for Men

    Discover the captivating fragrance families that define the best fragrance for men:

    • Fresh: Try light, airy fragrances, and timeless favorites, for the freshness of daytime. Imagine crisp citrus, clean herbs, and some cool water.

    • Oriental: Let the richness and sensuality of spices, resins, and smooth vanilla take over. Exactly what you need to make that bold evening statement.

    • Woody: Immerse yourself into the realm of earthly refinement. Cedar, sandalwood, and vetiver combined allow the creation of expert scents to be worn in formal or special occasions.

    • Fougere: Enjoy the timelessness of true masculinity as you inhale a fragrance blend of lilac, bergamot, and oak moss that can be worn anytime and anywhere.

    Tips to Select the Best Branded Perfumes for Men

    In other words, make sure that your perfume is an extension of who you are.Consider these tips:

    • Your Personality: Are you adventurous and outspoken or formal and reserved? Pick a fragrance that enhances your personal style.

    • The Occasion: Choose the scent that blends in with your surroundings. A freshened-up smell for the daytime, an alluring scent for the night.

    • Experiment: Explore! Don't be hesitant to try! Explore the various products at The Scents and Stories boutique to find the ones that intrigue and satisfy your sense of smell.


    Q.1: Which is the best perfume for males in Pakistan?

    It depends upon your preferences. However, Hisar, Soch, and Smash My Head are among the best perfumes for males in Pakistan.

    Q.2: What perfume is most popular with men?

    Here is the list of perfumes that are the most popular with men;

    • The Legend
    • Creed Aventus
    • Into the Sun
    • Dauntless 
    • Bleu De Chanel

    Buy the Best Branded Fragrance for Men in Pakistan Today!

     Explore our curated collection of best branded perfumes for men, find your favorites, and enjoy special deals and offers.

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