Is the Trend of Buying Branded Perfumes in Pakistan Dying?

Nov 28, 2023

The perfume market in Pakistan has seen significant changes over the past few years. Imported and branded perfumes in Pakistan that were once highly popular are now facing stiff competition from locally produced perfume brands. Let's take a deeper look into how the trends in the Pakistani perfume market are evolving.

Rising Costs of Imported and Branded Perfumes in Pakistan

For many years, international luxury perfume brands like Dior, Chanel, and Armani dominated the high-end perfume market in Pakistan. These imported and branded perfumes in Pakistan carried a major price premium due to factors like shipping costs and import duties.

However, in recent times, the prices of these imported and branded perfumes in Pakistan have risen sharply. Devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar is a major reason behind the hike in imported perfume prices. A bottle of Chanel No.5 that once retailed for Rs. 7,000 can now be found for Rs. 12,000 or more at premium stores.

The rising costs have pushed these high-end perfumes out of the budget for many consumers in Pakistan. Middle-class buyers who could occasionally splurge on an imported fragrance a few years ago can no longer afford to do so regularly due to the inflated prices. This has created an opening for local perfume brands to capture this market segment.

Emergence of Quality Local Perfume Brands

To cater to consumers seeking affordable alternatives to imported and branded perfumes in Pakistan, several local perfume manufacturing companies have now emerged. Brands like Scents N Stories are producing high-quality perfumes inspired by popular international fragrances at much lower prices.

These local yet branded perfumes in Pakistan replicate the complex scent profiles of luxury imports but are available at one-third to half the cost. Superior packaging and attention to detail also ensures the locally produced perfumes can compete with imports on visual appeal. With fragrance experts formulating the branded perfumes in Pakistan, consumers get long-lasting and premium scents without the heavy price tag of imports.

Rise in Popularity and Market Share

As more consumers become aware of the comparable quality and value offered by local perfume brands, their popularity and market share are rising steadily. For this reason, perfume buyers in major cities of Pakistan tell their customers from their conversations that many people now prefer locally made branded perfumes in Pakistan over imports for their daily use. The affordable prices and availability of these local brands in neighborhood stores make them a more practical choice for regular wear.

Even buyers who still purchase the occasional imported perfume for special occasions are supplementing their collections with affordable local perfumes for everyday use. This dual consumption pattern indicates local brands have carved a strong niche besides the imported luxury segment. Major retail chains have also expanded their shelf space for local perfume brands to capitalize on the growing demand.

In fact, Scents N Stories has been expanding quickly with their franchise system, opening up new stores in various Pakistani cities. We're adding a new branch approximately every two to three weeks, indicating a growing preference for locally branded perfumes in Pakistan. Investors are getting on board as franchisees, aiming to revolutionize the fragrance industry in the country.

Focus on Innovation and New Launches 

To sustain their growth momentum, leading local perfume manufacturers are focusing on continuous product innovation. Frequent new launches based on the latest international fragrance trends ensure consumers have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Brands like Scents N Stories analyze global launch reports to identify the most popular new perfumes each season. We swiftly develop locally produced versions for the Pakistani market. This rapid response ability allows us to stay ahead of our competitors. Limited edition and seasonal fragrances also encourage repeat purchases of branded perfumes in Pakistan.

Packaging and Marketing Advancements

Perfume Packaging

Along with perfume formulation expertise, local brands are raising the bar with high-quality packaging and innovative marketing strategies. Elegant bottles, minimalist labels, and luxe packaging aesthetics match international standards.

Digital and social media marketing effectively promote brand stories and identities. Influencers endorse the affordable yet premium image. Retail partnerships offer sampling experiences to new customers. These integrated approaches are enhancing the premium perception of locally made, branded perfumes in Pakistan.

Rise of Local Doesn't Mean Decline of Imports

While local perfume brands have gained significant ground, that doesn't necessarily mean the imported luxury segment is dying in Pakistan. Niche buyers who seek rare and exclusive fragrances will continue supporting international brands.

Occasional gifting and celebratory purchases of iconic imported perfumes will also persist. However, for daily wear, the trends clearly indicate a majority of consumers have embraced high-quality, affordable alternatives offered by domestic perfume manufacturers.

The Way Forward

It is evident that the Pakistani perfume market landscape has transformed remarkably over the past 5 years. Local perfume brands have risen to meet the demand for good-quality, affordable fragrances. Going forward, these manufacturers must sustain their focus on continuous innovation, superior craftsmanship, and engaging marketing to retain consumers.

Brands like Scents N Stories, which offer a wide selection of premium locally produced branded perfumes inspired by top international launches, are well positioned for further growth. Our affordable yet luxurious fragrances are an ideal option for those seeking to indulge in the joy of perfume without burning holes in their pockets. So if you want to explore high-quality perfumes at reasonable prices, Scents N Stories is the place to shop!

In conclusion, while imported luxury perfumes still have loyal buyers, the overall trends suggest the dominance of expensive branded imports in Pakistan may be declining. Affordable yet premium local perfume brands have filled this gap very effectively. It will be interesting to see how this evolving market continues to train Pakistan to transform in the coming years.

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