Increase Your Perfume's Lasting By 5 Hours

May 31, 2022

Increase Your Perfume's Lasting By 5 Hours

One of the most common factors people look into when buying perfumes is their lasting. If you find that you’re finishing your perfume way too quickly or that your perfume fades away rapidly after applying, we have some tips for you. Adopting these experts-backed tips while applying perfume will automatically increase the lasting of your perfume. 

1. Apply Perfume After Showering

The best time to spritz on perfume is right after showering. This is because the scent will hold onto the moisture in your skin, making it stay for a longer time. Make sure to towel dry your skin so that it is damp and not wet while applying.

2. The Secret Ingredient!

Smearing some vaseline to your pulse points before applying perfume will make your perfume last longer. Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline acts as a moisturising lock for your perfume making it stay on your skin for a longer time. A good alternative to this is some unscented lotion. This is a proven hack that works for all types of perfumes.  

3. Apply on Pulse Points

Pulse Points are those points on your skin where your arteries are the closest to your skin, radiating warmth. This heat amplifies and intensifies the fragrances you wear. The pulse points include back of the neck, collar, wrists, inner elbows and behind the knees. While most people only apply perfume to their collar and wrists, application on maximum pulse points will increase the longevity of the perfume even more.

4. Store It Well

How you store your perfume impacts the lasting of your perfume as much as how you apply it. Factors such as heat, light and humidity break down the perfume compounds messing up its original scent. This is why keeping perfumes in the washroom is a big NO. It is extremely important that you store your favourite perfumes in the right place to keep them in their finest form. Choose a place that is dry, dark and cold. This is why keeping perfumes in the washroom is a loud and clear NO.  

5. DO NOT Rub Your Wrists Together

How many times have you seen people applying perfume on their wrists and rubbing them together? Is that really the correct way of applying perfume? No!
Rubbing your wrists together can destroy the top notes of your fragrance. This is because it breaks down the chemicals in your perfume which also lowers its lasting. A better way would be to gently dab the perfume onto the other wrist if you really have to.

6. Use the Right Amount

Spraying the right amount of perfume is key to having your perfume last longer. Some people are quite miserly in using their precious perfumes and others spray them too sparingly. Don’t be like them. Spray the right amount. We recommend that you spritz 6-8 sprays of perfume on yourself for optimum lasting. Spraying too much can be cloying so don't overdo it! 

7. Carry a Roll-On

 A roll-on is better than a good friend! It can stay with you 24/7 and makes you smell like the most attractive one around. These pocket-friendly high-concentration scents will help you feel refreshed throughout your day. In case you are wearing a perfume that has less than 12 hour long lasting, it would be a good idea to carry a roll-on of the same perfume with you. You can reapply it during the day and feel rejuvenated.
At Scents’n Stories, we have roll-ons for almost all of our fragrances. Check out our website to get your favourite ones!  

8. Store it Wisely

Sometimes lasting doesn’t have to do with how you apply your perfume but how you store it. Perfumes are allergic to hot, damp and lit up spaces. If you put them in such places there are high chances of your perfume changing its smell to something you don’t like or in its lasting getting reduced.

9. Some Perfumes Simply Last Longer than Others!

While we may try all of the steps above to ensure better lasting of our fragrances, it is important to understand that some perfumes simply last longer than others. Lasting is dependent on many factors including the notes a perfume is composed of. Some notes are not as long lasting as others and we shouldn’t expect them to be. Like fruity notes. They are light. They have great sillage. But moderate lasting. If you are someone who prefers long lasting over many other factors like sillage, accords, personality fit etc. then you may only want to buy those fragrances which contain long lasting notes. 

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