15 Best Woody Perfumes to Wear on Every Occasion

Apr 30, 2024

Hey, lovers of scents! You've come to the correct spot if you're looking for the Best Woody Oud Perfumes in Pakistan. Like me, if you're captivated by the alluring richness and depth that oud lends to a fragrance. then get ready to embark on a journey for your perfect olfactory soulmate!

Come along with me as I explore the best combinations that combine the warmth of woody notes with the richness of oud. Let’s go on a voyage into the realm of lavish scents. Woody Oud Fragrances lend an air of luxury.

Come along on this scent adventure with me as I Explore some of the best woody scents for every season.

List of Best Woody Perfume with Price

Serial No. Perfume Name Price
1 Melt Me Rs. 1,860
2 Tom Ford Oud Wood Rs. 82,290
3 Inferno Rs. 1,320
4 BLEU DE CHANEL Rs. 53,837
5 Into The Sun Rs. 1,690
6 BURBERRY HERO Rs. 48,816
7 Beyond Layers Rs. 2,150
9 Kingpin Rs. 1,650
10 Woody Rs. 14,850
12 Macbeth Rs. 1,850
14 Janan Gold Rs. 6,300
15 Catch 22 Rs. 2,840


MELT ME Perfume

Melt Me is a refined and elegant scent that combines floral and spicy undertones with citric notes to create a sophisticated yet young vibe. For those with refined preferences, it's an Excellent Everyday Woody Scent because of its elegant dry down that works well in every season.


  • Top Notes: Amalfi Lemon and Lavender combine to make a renewing and cool beginning.
  • Middle Notes: A hint of flowery sweetness is added by the African orange flower.
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, vanilla, and Virginia cedar give the scent warmth and depth.

Price: Rs. 1,860

What I Love  Room for Improvement
The opening is energizing and renewing, leaving a lasting impact. Projections and longevity can differ.
Its Versatility. -----------------
A cozy and pleasant dry down. -----------------

    Melt Me is the ideal choice if you're drawn to the idea of a light, adaptable woody fragrance that works well from day to night.

    2. OUD WOOD

    OUD WOOD Perfume

    The scent of Oud Wood is a sensory marvel that captivates the senses with its exotic blend. The warm tones of Tonka bean and amber lend a seductive touch, while the Smokey depth of rare oud, sandalwood, and vetiver create an enticing charm.


    • Top Notes: Attractive combination of Sichuan pepper, cardamom, and agarwood (oud).
    • Middle Notes: Brazilian Rosewood and Sandalwood, which give it a warm, woodsy undertone.
    • Base Notes: Amber, Tonka Bean, Vetiver, and Vanilla offer a sumptuous and reassuring base.

    Price: Rs. 82,290

     What I Love Room for Improvement
    Radiates a sense of sophistication and grace. Extremely heavy or powerful for daily use.
    Perfect for formal or nighttime events. -----------------
    Long-lasting. -----------------

    3. INFERNO

    INFERNO Perfume

    Inferno is a Unisex Woody Fragrance that is great for evening wear and nights out because it radiates refinement and confidence. It's appropriate for the workplace as well because of its light sillage and lingering presence.


    • Top Notes: Captivating blend of rosewood, cardamom, and Chinese pepper.
    • Middle Notes: Warm and woody undertones of sandalwood and vetiver add depth.
    • Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Tonka Bean.

    Price: Rs. 1,320

     What I Love Room for Improvement
    Sensation of elegance and refinement. Its aggressiveness might not be as appropriate for casual or daytime wear.
    Unisex. -----------------
    Long-lasting finish. -----------------

      Get your hands on this Woody Oud Perfume right away and enjoy the sensory experience it gives.


      BLEU DE CHANEL Perfume

      Experience the strongest version of the BLEU DE CHANEL scent collection. This woody fragrance for men reveals the core of self-reliance and resolve while embodying strength and refinement. Its classic fragrance and distinctly male signature convey confidence and sophistication.


      • Top Notes: A pleasant introduction is created by grapefruit and lemon.
      • Middle Notes: Spicy notes of pink pepper and mint give the scent a burst of heat.
      • Base Notes: Warm, woody undertones are provided by the deep, rich base notes of patchouli, cedar, and sandalwood.

      Price: Rs. 53,837

      What I Love Room for Improvement
      A welcoming and confidence-boosting woody fragrance. The composition of the sandalwood note is artificial.
      Different from other blue scents. -----------------
      Excellent smell that lasts a long time.


      5. INTO THE SUN

      INTO THE SUN Perfume

      Presenting Into The Sun, a Seductive Woody Scent that appeals to the senses. This amazing fragrance begins with a spicy explosion, then progressively lightens and becomes more refreshing.


      • Top Notes: Orange and grapefruit make for a colorful and energizing start.
      • Middle Notes: Pelargonium and Peppercorns.
      • Base Notes: Warmth of oak moss, benzoin, and woody overtones.

      Price: Rs. 1,690

      What I Love Room for Improvement
      Layers of complexity are revealed as the woody scent develops. Although the fragrance lasts for about 7-8 hours, some consumers might prefer a perfume that lasts longer.
      Subtlety and elegance. -----------------
      Appropriate for a range of situations.


      Treat yourself to this captivating scent by getting it right now!


      BURBERRY HERO Perfume

      Enjoy the striking and energizing scent of Burberry Hero. This rich, rich woody fragrance has earthy undertones of pine and cedarwood oils. Burberry Hero, which is presented in a rich oak-colored bottle with gold accents, is a symbol of power and refinement.


      • Top Notes: A crisp aroma of a deep woodland is evoked by this refreshing blend of olibanum and pine needles.
      • Middle Notes: A cozy and fragrant ambiance is produced with benzoin and incense.
      • Base Notes: Three different types of cedar: Virginia, Himalayan, and Atlas 

      Price: Rs. 48,816

      What I Love Room for Improvement
      Dark, outdoorsy aroma with a seductive, woodsy mood. Amber drills itself into the nostrils, which might be annoying.
      Wholesome fall/winter aroma. -----------------
      Blended pine tones that are both sweet and earthy.


      7. CATCH 22

      CATCH 22 Perfume

      Catch 22 is a pleasant and fresh song that builds to a sophisticated blend of tenderness, smokiness, and smoothness towards the finish. It is a Woody Oud Perfume that lasts all day due to its strong sillage and endurance.


      • Top Notes: Black currant, bergamot, pineapple, and apple.
      • Middle Notes: Moroccan Jasmine, Birch, and Rose.
      • Base Notes: Oak Moss, Vanille, Musk, and Ambergris.

      Price: Rs. 2,840

      What I Love Room for Improvement
      Earthy richness and flowery grace blended flawlessly. Certain tones may seem more overpowering or understated to some people than they would like.
      The scent conveys sophistication and coziness. -----------------
      Lingers for hours.


      Make Catch 22, a Delightful, Delightful Fresh Fruity Perfume yours.



      Discover the captivating appeal of Pasha de Cartier Ultra-Black, a woody scent for the accomplished, sophisticated man. This rich fragrance radiates mystery and sophistication and is housed in a sophisticated, ultra-black container.


      • Top Notes: A cool explosion of violet and lemon with touches of heat and spice.
      • Middle Notes: A gourmand and sweet heart is created by caramel and spun sugar.
      • Base Notes: A seductive finish is created by the blending of spices, creamy tonka bean, and smoky undertones.

      Price: Rs. 38,495

      What I Love Room for Improvement
      Enticing scent that is addictive. Some people might find the caramel and spun sugar's sweetness too strong, especially if they like their fragrances lighter and fresher.
      Captivating and enduring. -----------------
      Refillable bottles are an environmentally beneficial option as they showcase Cartier's dedication to sustainability.


      9. Kingpin

      Kingpin Perfume

      Kingpin is a Versatile Fragrance with the perfect balance of fruit, spice, and wood appropriate for any occasion. Benefit from Kingpin's long-lasting qualities, which make it ideal for year-round wear—especially during the winter.


      • Top Notes: Subtle combination of geranium, oakmoss, apple, plum, lemon, and bergamot.
      • Middle Notes: A blend of mahogany, cinnamon, cinnamon and carnation.
      • Base Notes: Featuring Vanilla, Sandalwood, Olive Tree, Cedar, and Vetiver.

      Price: Rs. 1,650

      What I Love Room for Improvement
      Vibrant opening. The initial burst may be a little strong for those who prefer less fruity perfumes, even if the opening is bright and lively with apple and citrus notes.
      Extremely appealing aroma that is warm, woody, and spicy. -----------------
      Suitable for a variety of occasions.


        Surrender to the charm of this woody perfume for men and set out on a fragrant voyage that reflects assurance, coziness, and refinement.

        10. WOODY

        WOODY Perfume

        Imagine yourself strolling in a peaceful forest, where peace and wonder are felt with each breath. Like the mystical woods that inspired its intricacy, Woody Scent invites you to take an aromatic journey into the heart of the natural world. 


        • Top Notes: Beautifully combine lavender and rose.
        • Middle Notes: The unique and enticing scent of jasmine contrasts with the warm, resinous notes of amber.
        • Base Notes: Oud

        Price: Rs. 14,850

        What I Love Room for Improvement
        A pleasant flower scent that creates a calm and refined atmosphere. Some people might find the perfume too simple, especially if they like more complex scents with plenty of layers and transitions.
        Makes one feel rich and attractive. -----------------
        Makes a deep and sophisticated impression that is long-lasting.




        With its distinctive combination of woody and floral undertones, Yves Saint Laurent's refillable woody fragrance for men, MYSLF redefines modern masculinity. Celebrate who you really are without apology.


        • Top Notes: Bergamot and Calabrian bergamot combine to make a zesty and energetic opening.
        • Middle Notes: Tunisian orange blossoms enhance richness and depth.
        • Base Notes: Patchouli and Ambroxan additions to the woody fragrance give it a cozy and seductive quality.

        Price: Rs. 43,237

        What I Love Room for Improvement
        An enticing scent that is addictive. The strong orange blossom absolute perfume may be too strong for certain people.
        The woody and smoky undertones add complexity and depth. -----------------
        Reusable bottle design is an environmentally responsible choice since it embodies Yves Saint Laurent's dedication to sustainability.


        12. Macbeth

        Macbeth Perfume

        Macbeth opens with a heady mix of minty, fresh, and spicy undertones, driven by the energizing power of thyme. Everywhere you go, Macbeth makes a lasting impression because of his remarkable sillage and longevity.


        • Top Notes: Anise, caraway, lavender, Mandarin orange, and mint combine to produce a zesty and energizing explosion. 
        • Middle Notes: Coriander and Brazilian rosewood give depth and richness.
        • Base Notes: The base is earthy and deep, with notes of labdanum, patchouli, oakmoss and sandalwood.

        Price: Rs. 1,850

        What I Love Room for Improvement
        A bright and energizing beginning to the scent, ideal for an energy rush. The first rush of mint and citrus may be too strong for some people.
        The perfect harmony between the spicy and herbal components. -----------------
        The woody and earthy notes leave a long-lasting effect on the skin.


          Take up the essence of Macbeth and make it your go-to fragrance.


          REPLICA AUTUMN VIBES Perfume

          Replica Autumn Vibes provides a pure moment of connection with nature, capturing the essence of autumn. The woodsy and spicy elements in this woody fragrance make it feel like strolling through a forest in the autumn.


          • Top Notes: Anise, caraway, lavender, Mandarin orange, and mint combine to produce a zesty and energizing explosion.
          • Middle Notes: Coriander and Brazilian rosewood give depth and richness.
          • Base Notes: The base is earthy and deep, with notes of labdanum, patchouli, oakmoss, and sandalwood.

          Price: Rs. 46,014

          What I Love Room for Improvement
          Extremely earthy; reminiscent of moss, soil, and fall foliage. Too much of a smell similar to damp leaves and dirt with no perfume variation.
          Warm and Unisex -----------------
          Crisp and lingering aroma of realistic dead wet leaves.


          14. JANAN GOLD EDITION

          JANAN GOLD EDITION Perfume

          "Janan" is a masterwork of perfect accuracy, combining the best components into a beautiful symphony. Janan promises the selective person an outstanding scent experience with its engaging performance.


          • Top Notes:  Pineapple, Black Currant, Bergamot, and Red Apple.
          • Middle Notes:  Patchouli, Rose, Jasmine, and Birch.
          • Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Leather, Amber, and Oakmoss.

          Price: Rs. 6,300

          What I Love Room for Improvement
          Opening that is energizing and new. Given that the base notes of leather and oak moss are sometimes linked to a traditional or mature fragrance profile, not everyone will find these notes appealing.
          The smell is made richer and deeper by the middle and base layers' blend of floral and woodsy components. -----------------
          A subtly masculine and sophisticated hint.


          15. BEYOND LAYERS

          BEYOND LAYERS Perfume

          Beyond Layers is a perfume that enthralls with its rich yet delicious aroma. This Alluring Woody Oud Perfume has a resin scent with a hint of spice that gives the senses multiple dimensions. Beyond Layers is sophisticated and charming, with warm notes of wood and amber.


          • Top Notes:  Jasmine, Saffron.
          • Middle Notes:  Ambergris, Amberwood.
          • Base Notes: Fir Resin, Cedar.

          Price: Rs. 2,150

          What I Love Room for Improvement
          Cozy, airy sweetness that is stylish and comfortable. The fragrance's modest heaviness may bother some people.
          Giving the user an air of mystery and magic that makes them seem effortlessly beautiful and dazzling. -----------------
          Appealing woody scent that lasts for hours.


            Why not dive right into this woody oud perfume and take in the mysterious and enchanting vibe of Beyond Layers now?


            Q.1: What does a woody perfume smell like?
            The smell of woody perfume is rich in woody nature, which derives from notes of pine cones, moss, bark, trees, bushes, and roots.
            Q.2: Is Woody scent good for men?
            Yes, it’s the ideal perfume for a man who likes something earthy and slightly warm—not too delicate, not too overwhelming.
            Q.3: Does Woody perfume last longer?
            Scents that are woodsy and oriental last longer than fragrances that are citrusy or floral.

            Wrap Up!

            I hope you have enjoyed exploring the complex array of scents with me as I come to the end of my look at the best woody perfumes. I've found scents that capture the richness and depth of oud, from the ageless classics to the cutting-edge mixtures.

            If you're looking for the best woody perfume, I wholeheartedly suggest Catch 22. It is a refined, long-lasting scent that is sure to make an impression thanks to its flawless harmony of floral grace and rich earthiness.

            Pick your ideal woody fragrance, express yourself boldly, and allow your scent to become a trademark of you.

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