12 Best Middle Eastern Fragrance to Discover Luxurious Aromas

May 13, 2024

You're in for a treat, fragrance collectors, if you're like me and captivated by the seductive charm of Middle Eastern scents! Come along with me as I explore the enchanted world of smells that convey the magnificence and mystery of the Middle East.

Middle Eastern fragrances have a long history rooted in luxury and tradition, providing a sensory experience unmatched by anything else. Each scent narrates a tale of ageless elegance and ancient workmanship, from the comforting embrace of oud to the complex fusion of spices and florals.

Come with me and experience the fascinating world of Middle Eastern fragrances, where each fragrance has a backstory and each bottle has a piece of history.

List of Best Middle Eastern Perfumes in Pakistan with Price

Serial No. Perfume Name Price
1 Zargiya Rs. 2,170
2 Velvet Smooth Rs. 1,610
3 Oudesire Rs. 20,000
4 L'Aventure Rs. 14,486
5 Nazeeh Rs. 10,399
6 Raghba Rs. 4,185
7 Sirius Rs. 2,490
8 Yulali Rs. 5,326
9 Hisar Rs. 3,790
10 Oudgasm Vanilla Oud Rs. 39,951
11 Kashkha Rs. 9,400
12 Yara Rs. 6,468



Zargiya is a Wearable Oud Perfume, particularly for those new to the Middle Eastern fragrance genre. This fragrance's powerful note mix conveys sophistication and immaculate taste. Overall, this scent is certain to make an impact.


  • Top Note: A captivating trio of Agarwood (Oud), Incense, and Rose.
  • Middle Notes: Deepens with Raspberry, Saffron, Birch, and Benzoin.
  • Base Notes: The final crescendo features Amber Wood and Geranium.

Price: Rs. 2,170

What I Love Room for Improvement
Adaptable to both day and night.
A little too strong for those who like more delicate scents.
Doesn't quickly disappear
The fragrance is more than just a smell; it's an experience.
    If the enduring essence of amber wood and geranium calls to you, 



    Velvet Smooth is a seductive Middle Eastern Scent with a wonderful accord combination.  This unusual blend produces a perfume that is unique due to its captivating vibe.  Velvet Smooth is perfect for spring, summer, and fall. It performs exceptionally well and gives off a mystical aura all day long.


    • Top Notes: A delicate musky embrace harmonized with sandalwood and fresh floral hints.
    • Middle Notes: Spicy and floral elements, with combination of rose and musk.
    • Base Notes: Grand finale of musk and rose

    Price: Rs. 1,610

    What I Love Room for Improvement
    Delivers a burst of freshness.
    Velvet Smooth tends more towards femininity for individuals looking for a perfume that is more obviously male.
    Ideal for those seeking a peaceful yet seductive ambiance.
    Surprisingly good longevity leaves a lasting impression.

      If the allure of musk and rose captivates you, make it yours here Velvet Smooth.

      3. OUDESIRE

      OUDESIRE Perfume

      Oudesire doesn't just linger—it envelops you in a luxurious, elegant, and distinctly royal aura. It's more than simply a scent; it's a mark, a statement of the upscale heritage and nobility of the Middle East. It offers a good chance to feel the magic of this wonderful scent.


      • Top Notes: A Dance of Musk, Sandalwood, and Fresh Florals
      • Middle Notes: Spicy Florals with a Rose-Musk Waltz
      • Base Notes: The Grand Finale of Musk and Rose

      Price: Rs. 20,000

      What I Love Room for Improvement
      The fragrance lingers gracefully throughout the day.
      Some individuals may prefer a more aromatic profile as they find individual notes to be muffled.
      Comforting touch
      Versatile scent appropriate for a wide range of occasions.

        4. L'AVENTURE

        L'AVENTURE Perfume

        Haramain L'Aventure Eau de Parfum is a Middle Eastern scent  that whispers promises of adventure and freshness from the first sniff.


        • Top Notes:  Elemi, Lemon, and Bergamot in the beginning.
        • Middle Notes: Lily of the Valley, Woody Accord symphony, and Jasmine. 
        • Base Notes: Then amber-musk and patchouli come to life.

        Price: Rs. 14,486

        What I Love Room for Improvement
        Fragrance sparks excitement and confidence.
        The initial citrus freshness may quickly fade, allowing bolder notes to take over.
        It is suitable for many different situations.
        Long-lasting warm quality that continues to echo after use.

          5. NAZEEH

          NAZEEH Perfume

          Enter the world of mystery with Nazeeh, an appealing scent for women and men alike. This bold fragrance, which is inspired by the seduction of a bygone French age mixed with aspects of the Middle East, has an intriguing blend that is seductive and mysterious.


          • Top Notes:  Citruses, sea notes, and lavender.
          • Middle Notes: Sandalwood and patchouli.
          • Base Notes: Agarwood (oud) and musk.

          Price: Rs. 10,399

          What I Love Room for Improvement
          Ideal for making a happy start to the day.
          Some people may find the fragrance's intensity to be either too strong or too delicate, depending on their personal preferences.
          Perfect for everyday wear in various situations.
          Long Lasting.

            6. RAGHBA

            RAGHBA Perfume

            Raghba is not your typical fragrance; rather, it is an absorbing experience that cuts across gender stereotypes and leaves a lasting impression on anybody fortunate enough to feel its rich aura. Overall, it makes each moment a fragrant celebration.


            • Top Notes:  A delightful rush of sweetness that sparks interest.
            • Middle Notes: A wrapping of exotic incense
            • Base Notes: Attraction of vanilla, oud, musk, and sandalwood

            Price: Rs. 4,185

            What I Love Room for Improvement
            A perfect blend of sweetness and spice
            Perhaps too sweet for some people.
            Long-lasting and defined notes
            Beautiful and appealing scent

              7. SIRIUS

              SIRIUS Perfume

              The whimsical, multilayered aroma of Sirius leads one to the spirit of the Arab world and inspires visions of singing tribesmen beneath the setting sun in the desert. It is good to use in spring, summer, and autumn. 


              • Top Notes: Saffron, litchi, and raspberries combine to create a cheery burst of sweet fruit. 
              • Middle Notes: Violet, Red Currant, Olibanum, Turkish Rose 
              • Base Notes: Agarwood, Patchouli, Leather, Sandalwood and Amber

              Price: Rs. 2,490

              What I Love Room for Improvement
              Sirius has a remarkable longevity.
              It could be too strong for some who like their fragrances to be more delicate and subtle.
              Creates a big impression and makes a statement.
              Beautiful and appealing scent

                Make this aromatic masterpiece a part of your collection!

                8. YULALI

                YULALI Perfume

                Yulali is a lively Middle Eastern perfume that is a combination of fruity, floral, and citrus notes and is meant to bring forth your inner sparkle. In tropical paradise, it captures and allows its essence to carry you away to moments of absolute joy.


                • Top Notes: Tangerine, Bergamot, Apple, and Nectarine 
                • Middle Notes: Gardenia, Jasmine, Magnolia, Freesia, and Lily of the Valley
                • Base Notes: Patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, musk, and amber

                Price: Rs. 5,326

                What I Love Room for Improvement
                Ideal for cooler seasons
                For people who like more delicate, softer scents, Yulali could be too strong.
                It sets a wonderful tone with a rush of energizing refreshment.
                Offers a calming, long-lasting mood.

                  9. HISAR

                  HISAR Perfume

                  One of the best unisex scents is Hisar. It embodies the essence of Middle Eastern luxury with its rich variety of notes and dominance of dried fruits, creating a mesmerizing, smokey, and powdery scent. Ideal for the chilly months of autumn and winter


                  • Top Notes: Spices, Damask Rose, and Dry Fruits
                  • Middle Notes: Agarwood, Sandal, Jasmine
                  • Base Notes: Smoke, Vanilla

                  Price: Rs. 3,790

                  What I Love Room for Improvement
                  Strong and fascinating scent experience.
                  For those who like lighter, fresher aromas, the smoky overtones could be overpowering to those with delicate noses.
                  Lasts throughout the day.
                  Has a unique cultural charm

                    Include this Middle Eastern fragrance in your collection!

                    10. OUDGASM VANILLA OUD

                    OUDGASM VANILLA OUD Perfume

                    The woodsy aroma of Oudgasm Vanilla Oud  is warm and spicy, with notes of oud, praline, and vanilla sugar. This oud perfume, which has an entire collection named after the famous Arab component, is a self-love declaration in a bottle.


                    • Top Notes:  Pear, Praline, Saffron
                    • Middle Notes: Bulgarian Rose
                    • Base Notes: Oud, White Musk, Cashmere Wood, Vanilla Sugar, and Oakmoss

                    Price: Rs. 39,951

                    What I Love Room for Improvement
                    Smell-induced bliss that goes beyond typical scents.
                    The collection might not be ideal for people seeking milder scents in warmer climates, even though it is ideal for the autumn and winter seasons.
                    Rich cultural resonance.
                    Long Lasting

                      11. KASHKHA

                      KASHKHA Perfume

                      KASHKHA is a scent that skillfully combines the sophisticated sophistication of the West with the rich legacy of the Middle East. Created by the esteemed Swiss Arabian Perfumes, known for their dedication to excellence and creativity, KASHKHA provides an immersive experience that is sure to amaze and captivate.


                      • Top Notes:  Apple, cinnamon, and bergamot.
                      • Middle Notes: Agarwood, cardamom, and saffron.
                      • Base Notes: Musk, Cedar, and Amber.

                      Price: Rs. 9,400

                      What I Love Room for Improvement
                      This striking opening grabs interest right away.
                      Many people find the fragrance's rich and complex note blend pleasant, but others could find it too strong or overwhelming, especially if they wear it heavily.
                      These warming, fragrant components provide a hint of refinement and luxury.
                      Lasts days on clothing and ten hours on skin.

                        12. YARA

                        YARA Perfume

                        Yara, a scent that attracts the senses and creates a memorable impression. With a warm, inviting base of vanilla, sandalwood, and musk, Yara envelops you in a reassuring embrace that lasts all day. This Middle eastern scent is a flexible option for any event because it fits both men and women. 


                        • Top Notes:  Citrus, Heliotrope, and Orchid 
                        • Middle Notes: Gourmand and Tropical Notes
                        • Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, and Vanilla 

                        Price: Rs. 6,468

                        What I Love Room for Improvement
                        Smells like pink.
                        May smell synthetic to some users
                        Mild citrus undertones with a marshmallow smell that is fluffy and airy
                        It lasts days on clothing and ten hours on skin.



                        Q.1: How many perfume sprays are too much?
                        Apply a small amount of perfume—one or two sprays, max. For some people, using too much (three or four sprays or more) might be overpowering and strong.
                        Q.2: What are the best brands to buy Middle Eastern fragrances from?
                        The top 7 perfume brands to purchase Middle Eastern scents from include Ajmal, Lattafa, Scents N Stories, Taif Al Emarat, Al Haramain, Naseem Perfumes, Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, and Rasasi.
                        Q.3: What are Middle Eastern perfumes made with?
                        Essential oils are used in Middle Eastern perfumes, and they are enriched with distilled flowers, spices, or herbs.

                        Wrap Up!

                        I'm in complete amazement at the complexity, richness, and seductive charm of these perfumes as I come to the end of my fragrant voyage through the fascinating world of the best Middle Eastern perfumes.

                        In my opinion, Hisar is a truly exceptional option amidst the wide variety of Middle Eastern fragrances. Its complex blend of notes, which heavily features dried fruits, results in a distinctive and enthralling smoky and powdery aroma.

                        For anyone looking for a fragrance that captures the spirit of Middle Eastern sophistication and luxury, I heartily recommend Hisar.

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