14 Best Floral Perfumes Collection: Blossom Your Scent

May 8, 2024

Hey there, fellow lovers of fragrances! For those of us who love flowers, there's nothing quite like the seductive charm of floral scents. As I explore the World of the Best Floral Perfumes, which is like a bouquet of blooming flowers caught in a bottle, come along on a lovely journey with me.

With just a sniff, floral scents—from the romantic elegance of roses to the ethereal allure of jasmine—fit every mood and taste, whether you prefer the powdery sophistication of iris or the sweetness of peonies.

Come along as I explore the best floral fragrances, each a unique masterpiece that is sure to enchant the senses of those searching for the perfect elegance.

List of Best Floral Perfumes with Price

Serial No. Perfume Name Price
1 FLORSE Rs. 1,750
2 MISS DIOR Rs. 47,025
4 GLAM GIRL Rs. 1,649
5 MY WAY Rs. 33,926
7 LADY EVE Rs. 1,470
9 MERRY ME Rs. 1,690
10 DAISY WILD Rs. 34,859
11 VELVET SMOOTH Rs. 1,610
14 KISS MY FLOWER Rs. 1,680


FLORSE Perfume

Florse has a Flowery Scent without being overly sweet; it is sophisticated yet lively. For those who enjoy the floral aroma category of fragrances, this is a timeless fragrance.  The ideal seasons to wear this perfume are autumn, summer, and spring.


  • Top Note: A bright mix of citrus fruits, mandarin orange, and the subtle flavor of peony.
  • Middle Notes: A lovely rose and osmanthus bouquet opens up.
  • Base Notes: Pink pepper, sandalwood, and patchouli blend to produce a silky, sensuous finish that is irresistible.

Price: Rs. 1,750

What I Love Room for Improvement
Lively and refreshing opening.
Some people may find that the fragrance disappears more quickly than they would have expected.
Ideal option for daily and evening settings.
Elegant and cozy notes.

    Why not add "Florse" to your collection of fragrances permanently?

    2. MISS DIOR

    MISS DIOR Perfume

    The young energy and classic elegance that are associated with the Dior brand are personified by Miss Dior Parfum. A rare jasmine extract, selected for its distinct rosy and fruity notes. It is enhanced by traces of mandarin, that makes it unique.


    • Top Note: Peonies, lilies-of-the-valley, and delicate iris combine to create a striking floral entrance.
    • Middle Notes: Peach, rose, and apricot give the scent a bright, sweet undertone.
    • Base Notes: Sandalwood, vanilla, musk, and Tonka bean combine to produce a harmonious base that is incredibly smooth and alluring.

    Price: Rs. 47,025

    What I Love Room for Improvement
    A beautiful harmony of sweetness and florals.
    For some, it's overly powdered or sweet.
    Elegant and feminine.
    Cozy and well-blended.



    A vivid explosion of colorful fruits greets you as soon as you open Living Floral, laying the groundwork for an enthralling aromatic adventure. This Classic Floral Scent is ideal for people who want to stand out from the crowd and get lots of praise because it radiates elegance and sophistication.


    • Top Notes: A melodic dance by pears, mandarin oranges, peaches, melon, bergamot, and pear blossoms.
    • Middle Notes: Lily-of-the-Valley, Violet, Plum, Jasmine, Tuberose, Rose, Freesia, Orchid, and Violet blend to form a rich floral fragrance.
    • Base Notes: captivating combination of vanilla, cedar, blackberry, and musk.

    Price: Rs. 1,270

    What I Love Room for Improvement
    A wonderful blast of freshness and sweetness in the opening.
    The rich and varied combination of notes, particularly in the middle, may be a little overpowering for people who like subtle scents.
    Powerful floral symphony.
    Versatile scent that works for any time of year or situation.
    Exceptional longevity and projection.

      If you love this Floral Cologne, make Living Floral yours!

      4. GLAM GIRL

      GLAM GIRL Perfume

      The scent GLAM GIRL - INSPIRED BY FLORA (WOMEN) captures the spirit of classic elegance and alluring femininity. This floral fragrance has been carefully developed with every last detail. It means to accompany the modern woman as she experiences the most glamorous times in life.


      • Top Notes: The mixture of African freesia, Californian gardenia, and peach petals.
      • Middle Notes: The smell is enhanced by the elegant and romantic floral layers of coriander, damask rose, and jasmine.
      • Base Notes: Patchouli, natural vanilla, and vetiver.

      Price: Rs. 1,649 

      What I Love Room for Improvement
      Captivating charm that captures your attention from the first whiff. Not long-lasting.
      Making an impression that will stick wherever you go.
      Luxurious and durable finish.

        5. MY WAY

        MY WAY Perfume

        Savor the alluring scent of My Way Floral Eau de Parfum, which transports you to a world of energy and freshness with every whiff. The lovely symphony produced by the subtle blending of citrus notes and florals excites the senses and uplifts the spirit.


        • Top Notes: Tangy blend of bitter orange, green mandarin, and orange blossom.
        • Middle Notes: The seductive charm of Tunisian neroli and Indian tuberose, whose flowery flavor adds complexity and depth.
        • Base Notes: A cozy and soothing blend of white musk, vanilla, and bourbon.

        Price: Rs. 33,926

        What I Love Room for Improvement
        Energetic and green floral fragrance.
        Perhaps not to everyone's taste in strong citrusy fragrances.
        It stays on skin for up to 56 hours.
        A versatile scent that works for any time of year or occasion.
        Feminine scent.

          6. UNDECLARED LOVE

          UNDECLARED LOVE Perfume

          Undeclared Love is a scent that evokes the spirit of London's dynamic city life while retaining its modern appeal. This Floral Perfume for Women was inspired by the city's greenery and beauty and captures the feeling of a wet garden.


          • Top Notes: Mix of grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, mandarin orange, and sweet pea, conveying vibrant vitality.
          • Middle Notes: Gardenia, quince, freesia, geranium, peach, green notes, and passion fruit blend together.
          • Base Notes: The fragrance is grounded with a velvety finish from the warmth and sophistication of damask rose, patchouli, musk, leather, and violet.

          Price: Rs. 1,926

          What I Love Room for Improvement
          The elegant fusion of fruity and floral notes inspires sentiments of empowerment and self-assurance.
          Those who like softer or more understated scents might not be drawn to its strong and vibrant nature.
          Adaptable scent that works well for both day and night.
          Rich and interesting dried down.
          Feminine scent.

            Why wait any longer to claim Undeclared Love as your own if its vivid essence and enticing charm have already won your heart?

            7. LADY EVE

            LADY EVE Perfume

            With its unique combination of tropical notes and exotic florals, Lady Eve is a Seductive Scent that lingers in the mind. The vivid peach opening introduces a journey through green and powdery notes that ends with a clean, sensual dry down.


            • Top Notes: Peach pairs with the delicate petals of Africa Freesia and the exotic Californian Gardenia.
            • Middle Notes: Fusion of jasmine, coriander, and damask rose.
            • Base Notes: Vetiver, Natural vanilla, and Patchouli.

            Price: Rs. 1,470

            What I Love Room for Improvement
            Ideal harmony between sweet florals and discreet spiciness.
            The floral heart tones may be too overpowering for certain people.
            A classic, fresh-smelling floral cologne that works well in a variety of settings.

              Click Lady Eve, and let this Floral scent be the work of art

              8. FLOWERBOMB TIGER LILY

              FLOWERBOMB TIGER LILY Perfume

              Savor a renewing burst of floral harmony as Flowerbomb Tiger Lily Eau de Parfum grows on your skin. The essence of the fragrance's lavish flower bouquet lends it a sense of wild adventure.


              • Top Notes: A refreshing rush of bergamot and coconut milk accord.
              • Middle Notes: Exotic freesia, jasmine, and tiger lily give the fragrance a mood of adventure and wilderness.
              • Base Notes: A tropical sensuality fills the senses with the aroma of mango accord and benzoin.

              Price: Rs. 50,197

              What I Love Room for Improvement
              Perfectly expresses the spirit of a tropical paradise.
              The fragrance's strong tropical element might not be to everyone's taste.
              Possesses an air of natural beauty and adventure.
              Ideal fragrance for extended summertime adventures.

                9. MERRY ME

                MERRY ME Perfume

                With a captivating blend of exotic notes, Merry Me opens with a burst of energy that gives the air a tempting freshness. This Timeless Floral Scent has moderate sillage and durability, making it a great option for everyday use.


                • Top Notes: Savor the sweet red strawberry, tangy pineapple, grapefruit, tangerine, and exotic passionfruit.
                • Middle Notes: An eternally romantic heart of the scent, combining rich jasmine, vanilla orchid, pink peony, and lily-of-the-valley.
                • Base Notes: Woody undertones, heavy musk, and oakmoss weave a pleasing harmony.

                Price: Rs. 1,690

                What I Love Room for Improvement
                The exotic beginning notes of the fragrance produce a captivating flavor and burst of fresh vitality.
                People looking for a more distinctive or unique aroma profile might not find it appealing.
                The floral arrangement at the center of the aroma has a romantic charm.
                Its magnetic charm enthralls everyone in its vicinity.

                  Don't pass up the chance to make Merry Me your signature floral scent!

                  10. DAISY WILD

                  DAISY WILD Perfume

                  Daisy Wild is a strong, feminine floral perfume for women who are willing to embrace their wild side. With a wonderful freshness that is tinted with a trace of sweetness, its opening instantly captivates the senses.


                  • Top Notes: The Banana Blossom Accord evokes lush tropical environments.
                  • Middle Notes: A captivating combination of Macadamia Accord and Jasmine, a nutty and flowery mix.
                  • Base Notes: A soft and earthy base is provided by sandalwood and vetiver des sables.

                  Price: Rs. 34,859

                  What I Love Room for Improvement
                  The unique appeal of tropical environments sparks curiosity about adventure and exploration.
                  The fragrance of Banana Blossom Accord could be too odd or strong for certain people.
                  Its warmth and charm make it impossible to resist with the senses.
                  It makes a sophisticated and elegant impression that is long-lasting.

                    11. VELVET SMOOTH

                    VELVET SMOOTH Perfume

                    A gorgeous, harmonious blend and a sensual floral smell characterize Velvet Smooth. The intriguing feel of this odd blend creates a perfume that is all its own. Velvet Smooth is ideal for the summer, fall and spring. It works quite well and radiates a mysterious atmosphere all day.


                    • Top Notes: A delicate musky embrace harmonized with sandalwood and fresh floral hints.
                    • Middle Notes: Spicy and floral elements, with a combination of rose and musk.
                    • Base Notes: Grand finale of musk and rose.

                    Price: Rs. 1,610

                    What I Love Room for Improvement
                    Delivers a burst of freshness.
                    Velvet Smooth tends more towards femininity for individuals looking for a perfume that is more obviously male.
                    Ideal for those seeking a peaceful yet seductive ambiance.
                    Surprisingly good longevity leaves a lasting impression.

                      If the allure of musk and rose captivates you, make it yours here Velvet Smooth.

                      12. Floral Parade

                      Floral Parade Perfume

                      Floral Parade Eau de Parfum invites you to lose yourself in the alluring realm of floral beauty. It is a modern, classic floral perfume for women that radiates grace and sophistication. Moreover, it is inspired by the oriental allure of GUCCI Bloom and the timeless beauty of Tom Ford's Black Orchid.


                      • Top Notes: Vibrant ginger and clove explode, bringing the senses alive with a cool, spicy opening.
                      • Middle Notes: Jasmine and Tuberose.
                      • Base Notes: Sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver, and patchouli create a cozy base.

                      Price: Rs. 3,690

                      What I Love Room for Improvement
                      A captivating flower arrangement exudes elegance and allure.
                      The fragrance's aggressiveness might not be appropriate in more formal or personal settings, but it is still appropriate for daytime wear and informal outings.
                      Durable and cozy trail, which makes it ideal for daily use.
                      Lively and energetic scent.

                        13. REPLICA AUTUMN VIBES

                        REPLICA AUTUMN VIBES Perfume

                        Replica Autumn Vibes captures the spirit of an autumn day and offers a pure moment of connection with nature. This floral fragrance has spicy and flowery notes that evoke an autumnal stroll through a forest.


                        • Top Notes: Anise, caraway, lavender, Mandarin orange, and mint combine to produce a zesty and energizing explosion.
                        • Middle Notes: Coriander and Brazilian rosewood give depth and richness.
                        • Base Notes: The base is earthy and deep, with notes of labdanum, patchouli, oakmoss, and sandalwood.

                        Price: Rs. 46,014

                        What I Love Room for Improvement
                        Extremely earthy; reminiscent of moss, soil, and fall foliage.
                        Too much of a smell similar to damp leaves and dirt with no perfume variation.
                        Warm and Unisex.
                        The crisp and lingering aroma of realistic dead, wet leaves.

                          14. KISS MY FLOWER

                          KISS MY FLOWER Perfume

                          Kiss My Flower evokes the feeling of strolling through a beautiful floral garden during a cool rainfall with its Delightful Blend of Freshness and Elegance. This floral scent envelops you in a sensual bouquet of amber flowers, evoking an appeal that is too good to resist. It is especially perfect for chilly weather.


                          • Top Notes: The scent begins with a subtle and fragrant combination of bergamot, tea, and osmanthus.
                          • Middle Notes: African orange blossom, orchid, rose, jasmine, and freesia are among the lush floral notes.
                          • Base Notes: With musk and patchouli notes, the base is warm and seductive.

                          Price: Rs. 1,680

                          What I Love Room for Improvement
                          Vibrancy and freshness.
                          It tends to be a more conventional and common scent experience.
                          With each spray, the wearer gets lost in a rich and captivating floral perfume that exudes femininity and charm, thanks to the rich bouquet of floral notes.
                          A cozy and seductive foundation.

                            Don't hesitate to get Kiss My Flower right away!


                            Q.1: What is the most popular flower for perfume?
                            The rose is commonly referred to as the "queen of flowers." It is one of the primary components of many popular floral perfumes.
                            Q.2: Which flower is the king of fragrance?
                            People refer to jasmine as the "king of fragrances."
                            Q.3: What flower smells like vanilla?
                            Arabian jasmine flowers smell like vanilla.

                            Wrap Up!

                            As I come to the end of this journey, I am reminded of the great complexity and beauty of nature's abundance, which is so masterfully portrayed in every floral fragrance bottle.

                            As I come to the end of this adventure, Merry Me is unquestionably my personal favorite. It's the ideal pick for any occasion because of its alluring blend of exotic tones and enduring appeal. It will definitely make an impression, whether it's for a spectacular evening event or a laid-back day out.

                            Thus, why not indulge in the elegance of floral fragrances and find your signature scent right now?

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