5 Most Popular Men Perfumes Of The Last Decade

Jun 24, 2020

5 Most Popular Men Perfumes Of The Last Decade

A well-selling perfume with an exotic fragrance cannot be forgotten, just like a golden beat of the music. It becomes old-fashioned but more prime after the decades. Perfumes play an essential role in making or breaking your impression. It helps in deciding people that how should they perceive you and what kind of person you are. Therefore, it’s essential that you dress and scent right. Today, we will be showing you the perfumes for men from the last decade which are just timeless.

Eros by Versace is one of a unique fragrance inspired by Greek mythology and named after the Greek god of love. Perfumer Aurélien Guichard created this amazing fragrance having a beautiful turquoise color. The motive behind its launch is to release the unrestrained passion and desires. It provides a comfortable feeling with a hint of vibrant freshness and has a different combination of fragrance with green apple and mint leave. Our online store Scents N Stories also offers a high-quality impression of Versace – Eros at an affordable price. Go and grab it.

Aventus by Creed is inspired by the dramatic life of war, peace, and romance of Emperor Napolean. The beautiful bottle of this perfume has a silver emblem of horse and rider. The finest ingredients were hand-selected for this composition, and father -Olivier Creed Sixth Generation and son – Edward Creed Seventh Generation developed this provocative and unique fragrance. After application, you instantly feel the black currant, apple, and pineapple mix kind of scent. Check out its high quality impressions at our Scents N Stories where it is available in 10 and 50 ml size bottles with roll on and spray.

Amouage is well-known for its unique kind of fragrances and Interlude is one of them. Christopher Chong, the founder of this fragrance explained that it is a reflection of all the trials and tribulations one faces in life and rest is the sense of achievement and contentment one gets after that. It feels contemporary yet sophisticated at the same time. Interlude has a strong spicy, woody fragrance with a mix of oregano and berry oil scent. It comes in a beautiful crystal glass bottle with a midnight blue hue and gold decorations. Interlude Man Amouage’s high-quality impression in 10 and 50 ml bottles is present at our online store Scents N Stories.

Gucci Guilty Black has been one of the most favorite and award-winning perfumes of the 21st century. It is utterly addictive, compelling, and gives a passionate feeling. The Creative Director of the company says it’s a seductive and intense kind of scent having indulgence and guilty pleasures. The top notes of this scent give an explosion of green coriander, whereas the middle notes provide a tinge of orange flower. The base notes are quite different as it provides a richly textured feeling of cedarwood. If you are someone looking for something different yet classy, then try out Gucci Guilty Black on our online store Scents N Stories where you can find this fantastic perfume’s high-quality impression in 10 ml roll on and 50 ml spray bottles.

Lacoste (The French Tennis player) created this pleasant masculine fragrance after getting inspired by his polo shirts. This scent represents simplicity, elegance, and freshness. The blue color symbolizes aquatic life and manhood. The first thing you feel after using it is the mixed scent of peppermint extract and grapefruit. As time passes, you may also feel the tinge of orange blossom and oak. All these characteristics make it one of the most desired perfumes of men. The perfume’s bottle is sleek and minimalistic in design. It is available in 10 ml and 50 ml bottles at Scents N Stories.

So, don’t waste your time. Go and explore our online store Scents N Stories for an amazing range of high-quality impressions of designer fragrances.

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