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198 products


    198 products
    the legend perfume
    The Legend - Roll On (10ML)
    Finest Classical - Modern Combo
    da vinci code perfume
    Da Vinci Code - Roll On (10ML)
    A gentleman's favorite!
    lady eve perfume
    Lady Eve - Roll On (10ML)
    The Most Nostalgic Scent
    amber oud perfume
    Atlantis - Roll On (10ML)
    Perfect Every-Day Scent
    cross my heart perfume
    Cross My Heart - Roll On (10ML)
    The Most Noticeable Scent!
    sky high perfume
    Sky High - Roll On (10ML)
    3rd Best Selling Aromatic Fragrance
    in your eyes perfume
    In Your Eyes - Roll On (10ML)
    Our Best Party Wear 🕴️
    wavy perfume
    Wavy - Roll On (10ML)
    #2 Sports Wear Fragrance
    lost light perfume
    Lost Light - Roll On (10ML)
    Second Best Floral Fragrance 🏆
    love letters perfume
    Love Letters - Roll On (10ML)
    Women's All-Rounder!
    dauntless perfume
    Dauntless - Roll On (10ML)
    World's 2nd Best Selling DNA
    melt me perfume
    Melt Me - Roll On (10ML)
    The All-Rounder Fragrance
    Near You - Roll On (10ML)
    Top Choice for Gifting 🎁

    No.#1 Online Store For Best Perfumes In Pakistan

    Scents N Stories is the first online perfume store in Pakistan selling the highest quality of fragrances. We realized that most international branded perfumes are extremely expensive for people to buy because of the high exchange rate. Our idea was to sell the same quality of perfumes in Pakistan at much lower prices. Our research revealed that most customers buy fragrances based on the bottle styles as opposed to the perfume quality. Scents’n Stories wanted to sell the best perfumes in Pakistan which meant focusing on the perfume juice. To keep our prices affordable we had to keep our packaging and advertising costs very low. We used standard packaging for every fragrance. Buying perfumes in Pakistan is usually a hassle because very little information is given about the fragrances. Perfume online shopping is not only convenient because you can receive the perfume in the comfort of your home but it is also beneficial because one can get all the required information in order to buy the best perfumes in Pakistan.

    We have easy-to-use filters on our website which curate perfumes which will be the best fit for you! Most perfumes in Pakistan are imported. We, at Scents’n Stories, wanted to localize the manufacturing process to improve the local economy of Pakistan. Our aim for the future is to gain such high expertise that we can localize the entire manufacturing process and create original scents alongside impressions of branded perfumes. Having a high level of proficiency and experience within the industry will enable us to create the best perfumes in Pakistan. Being an e-commerce company, we will be able to deliver these perfumes in Pakistan to our customers in a very short time. Alongside this, we try our best to give the best customer service we possibly can so that buying perfumes online becomes a delight for them.
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