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The scent of the perfume your friend wears is out of this world. You inquire which perfume is it and instantly try to get your hands on the same brand.

As you start wearing it, you feel it doesn’t smell as fresh and woodsy as you felt it on your friend.

You brush the thought away, but you feel it every time you put it on. You reconfirm the brand, even the price tag and brush it away again saying it’s not possible, there must be some problem with my nose.

The truth is, it is very much POSSIBLE!

It may sound surprising but a scent may smell differently on different skin; reason being different skin conditions.

Skin condition of every individual is different based on the pH value, skin type (oily/dry), diet, hormonal imbalance, body temperature and other body care products that your skin interacts with.

As perfume meets your skin, it reacts according to the afore said conditions, then starts emitting the fragrance

So, how do you make sure that your perfume smells good on your skin? Run a pH of your skin?

The solution is buy a tester before buying the perfume bottle itself, a sure way to prevent any potential disappointment later and a perfect frustration buster for those who have just about had it with perfumes.

Be confident before making your statement and keep rocking!

1 comment

  • Afzal shah November 10, 2021 at 4:50 pm

    I just received creed aventus n fragnance is same with gr8 time lasting almost 7hrs..

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