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Aug 13, 2023
“Inn sey aisey he baat kerni parti hai”

Few months ago, I sat with a person who looked very impressive and was wearing an amazing scent. Sometime later, he had a call with someone in which he used very bad language.

At the end of call, he justified his language using this sentence.However, his perception in my mind went from high to low. That was my moment of introspection.

I realized that khush-bu, is not just something which can be smelled from the nose. It is everything which can be felt, but not seen. No wonder why people love the smell of their Ammi's dopatta. In essence, it is the combination of her selfless love and care for her children, which they perceive as scent.

I thought in bigger perspective. Isn’t it all what we are really missing in our society. Is change even possible from this point? People who know me know that I don’t take 'No' for an answer.

I was looking for an inspiration to rebrand Scents N Stories to something larger than life. And that was it.

The half-done 'noon' in the logo stands for our expansion in Arab Countries. The quill represents our desire to help people write a happier story for themselves, not just with great scents, but also good morals and character.

Keep an eye on our upcoming Podcasts, Reels, Tiktoks where we will be talking more than just scents!

- Saad Afridi
CEO Scents N Stories

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