Find Your Own Fragrance

Jun 24, 2020

Find Your Own Fragrance

No two people wearing the same perfume will smell the same whether you purchase it from the same shop or same online platform. It is because choosing the one that suits you, in any case, can be tricky. The fantastic thing about choosing a signature fragrance is that it reacts differently on people depending on their skin type, hormones, and even their personality. So finding the right one, especially in Pakistan that compliments your personality is not that easy. What’s the reason behind this? Let’s discuss the different factors affecting it one by one.


When it comes to finding the right fragrance for yourself which will suit your personality too, a lot of it will come down to the types of scents you like. Each perfume has its notes, and it reflects the person wearing it as well. The top notes of any fragrance hit your senses first, whereas the base notes are more subtle and take some time to develop and hit your nose. When you are trying to figure out what type of fragrance matches your personality and would suit you, the first thing to do is to identify the types of scents you like most or even the things you enjoy doing. In Pakistan, most of us aren’t also aware of the essential fragrances and their types. That’s why there’s a lot for us to explore. For example: If you’re a lover of flowers or nature, then you are more likely to be inclined towards floral or herby scents. Whereas, those who love traveling, will be drawn towards musky and oriental notes. Are you fun and playful, shy and sensitive or a romantic? All of these personality traits and lifestyle preferences will affect the choice of perfume that will best compliment you.


Start looking at the ingredients in a fragrance, before you smell it whether it’s right for you or not. Each scent has its personality, so identifying the fragrance personality is essential. For example, many people with strong characters, who want to make a style statement with their perfume when they enter a room, are more likely to be inclined towards cinnamon and sandalwood. These tones are overpowering and do not suit everyone. But if it suits you then will make an excellent impression for the evening. People who are shy and sensitive could well be better suited to a lighter, more floral fragrance that has vibes of playfulness and fun.

From where should you start? When it comes to finding your signature fragrance, don’t just opt for the first thing you see; explore and experiment with different scents to find the right match. It’s always a good idea to know what you like before you buy, whether you buy fragrances online or in a retail store, there will always be a good range of products to suit your needs.

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