Mr. Ayaz Samoo's Choice
Mr. Ayaz Samoo's Choice

Mr. Ayaz Samoo's Choice

Mr. Ayaz Samoo's Choice

5 Spray Samples

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5 Spray Samples

Near You:

A calming woody aquatic fragrance that’s worthy of becoming a signature scent. It’s a top choice for gifting to your loved ones!

In My Dreams:

A crisp yet smooth citrusy fragrance that smells incredibly refreshing. A unique scent, this one makes you feel uplifted instantly!

In Your Eyes:

An exciting and energizing fragrance that will definitely make you feel extremely attractive and well-complimented!


The newest most demanded fragrance at Scents N Stories. It’s a strong and attractive scent that lasts for 10+ hours!

Da Vinci Code:

An iconic aromatic aquatic fragrance. This one is a refreshing yet sophisticated scent that smells incredibly clean.

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