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16 products
    16 products
    inferno tom ford oud wood perfume
    inferno perfume
    Our Best Oud Fragrance
    from Rs.790
    oudilicious mfk oud satin mood perfume
    oudilicious perfume
    3rd Best Selling Floral Oriental Perfume
    from Rs.1,090
    amber oud roja dove amber aoud perfume
    amber oud perfume
    Amber Oud
    2nd Most Popular Rose & Oud Combo
    from Rs.1,190
    oud war bond 9 new york oud perfume
    oud war perfume
    Oud War
    Oud with Modern Touch
    from Rs.1,090
    cambodi oud perfume
    Cambodi Oud
    rashk purple oud perfume
    #3 Best Selling Woody Perfume
    SNS Oud Malaki Cambodi
    Legacy of the Royal Oud Tree
    from Rs.13,400
    SNS Oud Malaki Hindi
    Indian Oud's Finest
    from Rs.17,500
    SNS Oud Suyufi
    Premium & Elite Oud Oil
    from Rs.12,250
    Sold Out
    SNS Oud Parachin
    Aged Oud from Thailand
    from Rs.18,250
    SNS Oud Versi
    from Rs.13,990
    SNS Oud Chips
    Earthy Essence for Your Space
    from Rs.6,890
    Oud War Perfume Wax
    Oud War Perfume Wax
    A Premium Fragrance Wax
    lost symbol dior oud ispahan perfume
    lost symbol perfume
    Lost Symbol
    Classic Oud Rose Combo
    from Rs.1,490 Regular price Rs.1,990
    sirius frederic malle the moon perfume
    sirius perfume
    3rd Best Selling Fruity Perfume
    from Rs.2,190
    Ombre Nomade Louis Vuitton perfume
    The Elite Scent!

    World's Most Luxurious Oud Perfumes Made Affordable

    Arabic oud perfumes are luxurious and rare. Original oud perfumes are made of essential oil extracted from an agar tree. Oud – also known as agarwood – is extracted from the resinous heartwood of its trees found in the dense forests of Southeast Asia. While oud perfumes are an expensive luxury to afford, we at Scents’n Stories did not want to deprive our customers of the wonderful experience of the deep woody notes. Therefore, we take inspiration from the top Arabic oud perfumes of the world and make our version of it. The performance and quality of these impressions is at par with those of the originals. The classic scent of oud is marvellous. It’s strong and stays with you for a long time. Some of the most long lasting perfumes in our collection are the oud perfumes. Their lasting is upto 24 hours and even more according to the feedback of our customers. The scent of Arabic oud perfumes is well-known and can be used universally at all times. However, some oud perfumes perform optimally in winters since they have warm notes.

    Most oud fragrances in our collection are unisex which means that men and women, both, can apply them. In addition to this, Scents’n Stories makes highly concentrated perfumes which makes the projection and lasting of these perfumes even better. We are able to make such high quality oud fragrances at very nominal prices because we keep our costs for packaging and advertisements very low. This allows us to spend the maximum amount of our cost on the juice of the perfume. If you are looking for the best oud fragrances, all you have to do is go to our website, use our easy-to-use filter and click away to get your favourite fragrance at your doorstep at an extremely reasonable price.

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