SNS Oud Suyufi
SNS Oud Suyufi
SNS Oud Suyufi

SNS Oud Suyufi

SNS Oud Suyufi

Premium & Elite Oud Oil

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Scent Profile

Very Clean and Pleasant. Seufi usually denotes a combination of sweet and sour ouds. The hindi oud's wild flairs are trimmed by mainland southeast Asian sweet ouds. Seufi is an oud fire ring, hindi oud is entrapped inside the firey sweet ouds... only things that passes from center is user who experiences the heat like no one else.

Suitable For

People who want to enjoy both types of Ouds together, in a much more softer profile.

Origin: Mixture of Hindi & many other sweet regional ouds

Approximate Age: 8 years

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Grade: Regular

Tree Type: Plantation

Composition: 100% Natural. Blend of Hindi and different regional Ouds

Payment method: All natural Ouds will only be sent after bank transfer. It cannot be sent on COD. All natural Ouds can be sniffed at our Karachi Perfume Studio.


Hindi Suyufi New is a premium and elite Oud oil that is highly prized for its complex, woody aroma. It is made from the natural and rare Agarwood, also known as Oud oil, Aloeswood oil, and many other names depending on the location, obtained from several species of Aquilaria sp. trees. Agarwood has a long history of use in medicine, incense, and as an aromatic oil. The scent of Agarwood comes from the oleoresin produced by the trees when they are infected by fungi, which saturates the wood and develops its aroma.

Hindi Suyufi New is created through a long and tedious process of blending the Agarwood oil from different species found in north-eastern India, Bhutan, South-east Asia, including Vietnam and Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

Oud Suyufi is one of the best natural perfumes available, especially for those in search of natural scents. It can be worn on the skin or clothing and can also be used as body oil, scented oil, aromatherapy oil, and essential oil. It is very strong, and only a small quantity is needed to be applied. Try one today and experience the wonder of natural fragrance.


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