15 Best Long-lasting Perfumes: Unlock Enduring Elegance

May 15, 2024

Ah, the search for the ideal long-lasting perfume —a journey that many lovers of fragrances can identify with. Come along with me as I set out to discover the scents that endure the ages and leave a lasting impression on the skin.

It is an accomplishment to discover a perfume that not only lingers all day but also captures the senses in a world full of passing odors and moments. I want a perfume that goes with me seamlessly through every moment of my life, from early-morning meetings to late-night celebrations.

So let's explore the world of the best long-lasting perfumes together!

List of Best Long-Lasting Perfumes with Price

Serial No. Perfume Name Price
1 Catch 22 Rs. 2,840
2 Angel Rs. 11,176
3 Inferno Rs. 1,320
4 Attar Rose Aqor Rs. 156,758
5 Rain On Me Rs. 1,790
6 Sultana Rs. 3,490
7 Lost Symbol Rs. 1,990
8 Striking Rs. 59,700
9 Cross My Heart Rs. 1,750
10 Creamy Pineapple Rs. 2,690
11 Coco Noir Rs. 48,234
12 Crazy Beats Rs. 1,760
13 Classique Pour Homme Rs. 6,500
14 Oudgasm Vanilla Oud by Kayali Rs. 39,951
15 XOXO Rs. 1,950

1. CATCH 22

catch 22

Catch 22 starts smooth and fresh and finishes with softness, smokiness, and smoothness. This scent has a powerful sillage and a long lasting effect. Spring and summer are when this perfume works best. It can be used at work or in the evenings, in addition to being a daily scent. 


  • Top Notes: Black currant, bergamot, pineapple, and apple.
  • Middle Notes: Moroccan Jasmine, Birch, and Rose.
  • Base Notes: Oak Moss, Vanille, Musk, and Ambergris.

Price: Rs. 2,840

What I Love Room for Improvement
Earthy richness and flowery grace blended flawlessly.
Certain tones may seem more overpowering or understated to some people than they would like.
The scent conveys sophistication and coziness.
Lingers for hours.

Click Catch 22 to make this delightful, fresh, fruity perfume yours!



The surprising LONG-LASTING angel that personifies the enhanced femininity of today's daring supra-women is here to introduce you to Angel Elixir Eau de Parfum. It's naive yet strong, real but remarkable, cutting edge but welcoming.


  • Top Notes: begins with a fun explosion of Mandarin Orange, Cotton Candy, Coconut, Cassis, Melon, Jasmine, and Bergamot.
  • Middle Notes: It changes into a rich, honeyed heart that contains red berries, blackberries, plums, apricots, jasmine, peaches, caraway, lily-of-the-valley, orchid, and nutmeg.
  • Base Notes: Creating a scent trail of Tonka Bean, Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk, and Patchouli.

Price: Rs.11,176

What I Love Room for Improvement
Long-lasting fragrance.
Perhaps not appropriate for the summertime.
Excellent for evening attire.
Unique fragrance.

    3. INFERNO


    Inferno is adaptable enough for business wear thanks to its long-lasting nature and modest sillage. Inferno is guaranteed to make an impression no matter where you wear it—whether it's for a day at the office or a night out.


    • Top Notes: Captivating blend of rosewood, cardamom, and Chinese pepper.
    • Middle Notes: Warm and woody undertones of sandalwood and vetiver add depth.
    • Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Tonka Bean.

    Price: Rs. 1,320

    What I Love Room for Improvement
    Sensation of elegance and refinement.
    Because of its aggressiveness, it might not be as appropriate for casual or daytime wear.
    Long-lasting finish.

      Click Inferno to get your hands on this long lasting fragrance right away and enjoy the sensory experience it provides.



      Attar Rose Aqor is, in my opinion, an opulent scent experience contained in a bottle. With a pearly haze of sandalwood and the bright center of frankincense, this magnificent attar provides a luscious blend of lovely flowers.


      • Top Notes: Deep and captivating rose fragrance.
      • Middle Notes: Dreamy Frankincense scent.
      • Base Notes: The soft, warm base of sandalwood.

      Price: Rs. 156,758

      What I Love Room for Improvement
      The wearer feels sophisticated and elegant since the item exudes luxury and class.
      While some people might find this perfume too rich for them, others might like fresher, lighter aromas.
      May provide calm and a sense of being a part of nature.

        5. RAIN ON ME

        RAIN ON ME

        Rain On Me is an aquatic, powerful, and strong scent for men that gets its strength from the ocean's limitless power. Its energizing opening evokes the feeling of sprinkling cold water on one's face first thing in the morning, arousing the senses with a cool rush.


        • Top Notes: Crisp petitgrain combines with luscious oranges and spicy Mandarin oranges.
        • Middle Notes: The aroma changes to a seductive combination of lavender, cotton blossom, and seaweed.
        • Base Notes: Patchouli, Virginia cedar, amber, clary sage, and woody notes form a warm and anchoring base.

        Price: Rs. 1,790

        What I Love Room for Improvement
        A vibrant and energizing citrus fragrance that awakens the senses right away.
        Although it has a light and energizing aroma, some perfume lovers might find that the composition is simpler than that of more complex scents.
        The crispness of the sea breeze fosters a feeling of calm and peace.
        The scent has a medium level of sillage and a formula that lasts long.

          Add "Rain On Me" to fragrance your collection!

          6. SULTANA


          Discover the true meaning of sophistication with Sultana, an alluring scent for ladies created to highlight your unique beauty. This perfume by Saeed Ghani, is a cultured scent that is both rich and delicate.


          • Top Notes: Juicy melon, creamy magnolia, succulent pears, and the zest of mandarin orange and bergamot combine with the velvety softness of peaches.
          • Middle Notes: Orchid, plum, and violet combine with sensual jasmine, delicate lily-of-the-valley, and enticing tuberose to create an exotic bouquet.
          • Base Notes: Blending well with the gentle sweetness of blackberries are notes of musk, vanilla, and cedar.

          Price: Rs. 3,490

          What I Love Room for Improvement
          Initial burst of freshness.
          Even though the fragrance is expertly crafted, people who like more delicate, softer aromas may find the blend of fruity and flowery notes too strong.
          Suitable for various situations.

          7. LOST SYMBOL

          LOST SYMBOL

          Lost Symbol is an elegant and alluring long-lasting scent for men and women. Perfect for the milder winter, autumn, and spring months. Lost Symbol shines in lit environments and on nights out. It provides an incredible performance that lasts for hours on end.


          • Top Notes: Labdanum.
          • Middle Notes: Saffron, Rose, Patchouli.
          • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar, Agarwood.

          Price: Rs. 1,990

          What I Love Room for Improvement
          The oud note takes center stage and gives the scent depth and attraction.
          Lost Symbol works best in the cooler months of winter, fall, and spring, it might not be as effective in the sweltering summer heat.
          The damascus rose lends a sense of refinement and elegance.
          No matter where you go, scent creates a compelling trail that stays with you.

          Get Lost Symbol today to start a sensory adventure!

          8. STRIKING


          The explosive, long-lasting scent "Striking" captures the raw force of a lightning strike. Everywhere you go, this smell attracts attention and captivates the senses with its intense surge of raw sensuality.


          • Top Notes: A zesty surge of energy is provided by a crackling Fresh Metallic/Lightning Accord blended with Pink Peppercorn, Quenching Watermelon, and Guava.
          • Middle Notes: Bright ginger, jasmine, and sage combine to produce a strong perfume.
          • Base Notes: Earthy tones are anchored by Warm Amber, Crocodile Wood, and Petrichor in the aroma.

          Price: Rs. 59,700

          What I Love Room for Improvement
          Strong, energizing energy that appeals to the senses.
          The fragrance's strong, powerful intensity could be too much for some people to handle.
          Makes a striking impression wherever you go.
          Long Lasting.

          9. CROSS MY HEART


          CROSS MY HEART

          Cross My Heart is a statement of confidence and self-assurance as much as a long-lasting scent. It is made for the modern man who boldly follows his aspirations and makes an impression wherever he goes. It reflects the complexity and allure of  modernism.


          • Top Notes: Starts with a quick hit of energizing freshness, blending hot ginger, zesty lemon, calming lavender, and calming mint.
          • Middle Notes: Vibrant Geranium, exotic Guatemalan Cardamom, crisp Apple, and fragrant Juniper blend together.
          • Base Notes: Rich Amber Wood, earthy Haitian Vetiver, and Tonka Bean.

          Price: Rs. 1,750

          What I Love:

          • It quickly stimulates the senses and creates a lasting impression.
          • Suitable for a range of situations.
          • Long Lasting.

          Room for Improvement:

          • Although "Cross My Heart" has a pleasant note combination, some fragrance connoisseurs might find that it isn't that different from other similar smells that are available.

          Don't be afraid to adapt "Cross My Heart" if its dynamic complexity and energizing freshness appeal to you.

          10. CREAMY PINEAPPLE

          CROSS MY HEART

          Creamy Pineapple is a long-lasting fragrance that works well for all seasons of the year since it is elegant and sophisticated. Its sophisticated, fresh aroma begins with a seductive whiff of smokey citrus, gently complemented by the alluring whiff of pineapple in the background.


          • Top Notes: First up is Pineapple, followed by Grapefruit and the zesty brightness of Bergamot. 
          • Middle Notes: Combines woodsy warmth of cedar with notes of patchouli and jasmine.
          • Base Notes: Oakmoss and Woody notes

          Price: Rs. 2,690

          What I Love Room for Improvement
          Refined and well-balanced scent.
          Creamy Pineapple may not quite suit your desire if you're looking for a fragrance with a strong floral character because the floral notes are more of a supporting cast in the overall blend.
          Appropriate for a range of seasons and events.
          Long Lasting.

          Click Creamy Pineapple to allow the wonderful, long lasting perfume to envelop you!

          11.COCO NOIR

          COCO NOIR

          Chanel's COCO NOIR is a long-lasting perfume for ladies that pays homage to the classic appeal of black and represents seductive femininity with its modern and seductive aroma. It's the ideal option for people who value sophistication and allure in their distinctive perfume because it captivates the senses and makes an impression.


          • Top Notes: begins with a lively and energizing opening created by the blending of Orange, Grapefruit, and Bergamot.
          • Middle Notes: A beautiful delicate sweetness and floral elegance is created by the combination of Rose, Geranium, Jasmine, Narcissus, and Peach.
          • Base Notes: A warm and comforting finish is offered by  Patchouli, Sandalwood, Olibanum, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, White Musk, Cloves, and Benzoin.

          Price: Rs. 48,234

          What I Love Room for Improvement
          Generates happy feelings and moods.
          Mostly unimpressive drydown.
          Boosting confidence.
          Long-Lasting fragrance.

          12. CRAZY BEATS

          CRAZY BEATS

          Crazy Beats is a citrusy long-lasting perfume for men with a wonderful twist that strikes the ideal mix between richness and freshness in its blend. From its sparkling opening to its seductive dry down, this fragrance is a well-balanced combination of zesty citrus notes and a rich base.


          • Top Notes: Energizing explosion of crimson tangerine, orange, marine notes, and aldehydes. 
          • Middle Notes: Emerging flavors like pepper, neroli, and cedar give the composition more nuance and depth. 
          • Base Notes: An embracing embrace of tonka bean, vanilla, white musk, amber, and vetiver surrounds the user. 

          Price: Rs. 1,760

          What I Love Room for Improvement
          A delightful burst of citrus is ideal for a fresh start to the day.
          It could not have the same distinctness or individuality as other similar scents on the market, according to certain fragrance connoisseurs.
          Excellent option for regular use, informal gatherings, or even exceptional occasions.
          Makes an impression that stays on the skin for a long time.

          Enjoy this alluring aroma of Crazy Beats without holding back! 


          J.Fragrances offers Classique, which goes well with Adnan Siddiqui's timeless elegance. This scent starts with a lovely blend before becoming an intense and extroverted woody-spicy combo. Classique is a sophisticated, charming, long lasting fragrance that is ideal for people who enjoy a strong, alluring aroma.


            • Top Notes:  Cumin, Heliotropine, and Bergamot.
            • Middle Notes: Natural Cypress, Lavender, Bitter Almond, and Jasmine.
            • Base Notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk, and Natural Guaiac Wood.

            Price: Rs. 6,500

            What I Love Room for Improvement
            A captivating start that draws the viewer in right away.
            For those who like their scents to be softer and more subdued, the first rush of citrus and spices could be too strong for them.
            A fascinating composition that elegantly changes on the skin.
            Mysterious and long lasting dry down



            Oudgasm Vanilla Oud is a warm, spicy, woodsy scent. One of the most long-lasting fragrances, it is a proclamation of love for oneself in a bottle, and the entire collection is named after the well-known Arab component.


            • Top Notes:  Pear, Praline, and Saffron
            • Middle Notes: Bulgarian Rose
            • Base Notes: Oud, White Musk, Cashmere Wood, Vanilla Sugar, and Oakmoss

            Price: Rs. 39,951

            What I Love Room for Improvement
            Smell-induced bliss that goes beyond typical scents.
            The collection might not be ideal for people seeking milder scents in warmer climates, even though it is ideal for the autumn and winter seasons.
            Rich cultural resonance.

            15. XOXO


            In addition to being a long-lasting scent, XOXO also helps wearers feel empowered, at ease, and less stressed. Its long-lasting composition, moderate sillage, and elegant veil envelop the wearer, making it perfect for evening wear.


            • Top Notes: Clary sage and lavender provide a crisp, fragrant opening to the fragrance. 
            • Middle Notes: A distinct sense of leather develops, while vanilla provides a hint of warmth, and bitter almond and orris provide a subtle sweetness and depth.
            • Base Notes: Highlighting tonka bean, white wood, cashmeran, and amber. 

            Price: Rs. 1,950

            What I Love Room for Improvement
            A complex and seductive combination that appeals to the senses.
            Although the scent is made more sophisticated by the leather component, some people might find it too strong or powerful for their tastes.
            A refined and elegant appearance on the skin.
            Long Lasting

            If you've fallen in love with XOXO, add it to your collection!


            Q1: What is the secret to long-lasting perfume?
            Hydrate the skin before putting on fragrances. Perfumes and fragrances usually last longer on hydrated skin.
            Q2: Does perfume last longer on clothes or skin?
            Fabrics retain scents for a longer period of time than human skin does.
            Q3: Where should I spray my perfume to make it last longer?
            Your elbows, behind your knees, behind your ear, your wrists, and at the crown of your neck.

            Wrap Up!

            It has been a delightful discovery of aromas that genuinely endure, and it has been my voyage through the world of the best long-lasting perfume. Every scent has made an impression on my senses in a different way, from the seductive appeal of Angel to the crisp freshness of Rain On Me. 

            In my opinion, Creamy Pineapple is a true jewel among scents. Its alluring combination of woodsy warmth and zesty freshness results in a perfume that's both elegant and welcoming. I strongly suggest trying Creamy Pineapple if you're searching for a smell that deftly blends sophistication and fun. 

            As I enjoy the lingering sense of these wonderful scents, I can't help but wonder which one will end up being your favorite.

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